Remain Free with Freedom Pop

With many customers seeking the best option for phone service and wireless internet, the task can sometimes become tiresome. Although customers have exhausted options, I am pleased to introduce you to a growing service provider known as FreedomPop.

Founded in 2011, FreedomPop is quickly becoming our favorite provider. With all the accommodations as the leading providers, FreedomPop has managed to cut the cost of service while providing a quality mobile and wireless experience. A host of specials, deals, and discounts are offered through FreedomPop continuously to ensure consumers are genuinely satisfied.

FreedomPop is known for its many “free” accommodations. They currently offer a free 4g plan for mobile network users. The service provider also offers free wireless internet and broadband service connectivity.

FreedomPop offers over 8 million total hotspots with nation wide roaming. Connecting users to internet service is a top priority for the service provider. FreefomPop also allow the customers to earn 4g data. By simply referring a friend, customers are able to earn gain free 4g LTE data monthly. If customers complete partner offers, they will be able to earn unlimited free data.

With over 25 phones and over 50 products in total, FreedomPop works hard to give its customers a variety of choices. Currently the service provider offers products from a long list of manufacturers. LTE, ZTE, Samsung, and LG are a few of the brands offered.

Another great benefit of FreedomPop is their no contact service. No need to feel stuck with this service. FreedomPop values the customer’s freedom. The no contract no commitment policy guarantees the customers independence. FreedomPop allows anyone to cancel anytime. There are no hidden chargers or fees associated with other wireless and mobile service providers.

As the popularity of FreedomPop continues to grow, service and quality are constantly improving. For those frustrated with your providers, FreedomPop is the alternative. Excellent products and honest service are just a few benefits of joining.

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