WHY Is OSI Group The Leading Wholesaler of Food Products

The United States is home to one of the top food providers in the world. This company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has satellite offices in other foreign countries. OSI Group is the company’s name, and it is blazing the scene with progressive approach. This company has a huge network of supply chains, and these supply chains handle the logistics process very professionally. One of the main goals here is to efficiently transport the goods to their final destinations. Thanks to having numerous locations around the world, OSI has been able to ship the goods in the shortest possible amount of time.

Safety in environmental management is another area where the company stands-out. Thanks to its excellence, OSI Group has been presented with the Global Visionary Award numerous times. The British Safety Council awarded the company with this honor in 2016 at London’s affluent Draper’s Hall. CEO Sheldon Lavin has helped OSI with growth thanks to his more than 30 years of experience. Lavin has also won numerous industry-related awards such as the Global Visionary Award. He is one of the main reasons for the company’s success in Asia and in Europe. Thanks to his B.A. in Business, he has used this education to build an impressive resume. President ofOSI, David McDonald, has been involved with numerous acquisitions across the board. Thanks to his efforts, OSI has acquired stake in BAHO Food as well as acquired stake in Flagship Europe.

OSI Group seems to have it all whether it’s wonderful leadership, or it’s extraordinary products and services. Every base of the game is being touched in some form or fashion. OSI Group is the solution for food services in the 21st century and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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OSI Balancing Expanding Domestically with Foreign Expansion

For a small Ohio based company, expanding across seas can be difficult. It’s even harder to make that expansion and still retain a watchful eye on your domestic line of products. One meat packaging company serves as a great example of how that’s not only possible but can drive success. OSI Industries has made a name for themselves as a colossus in the food services industry. With humble beginnings, OSI now is a Top 100 Food Company and has an incredible line of products and factories. To achieve their goal of domination in the industry, OSI Industries had to make calculated moves about how to go about expanding.

One major problem with expansion is language barriers. Beyond the language, you have issues of ordinance, trade, and cultural differences that can make establishing a brand difficult, much less a trusted brand. When you open branches in other countries you also don’t have the connection to local farmers and slaughterhouses like you do on your home turf. OSI Industries used logical acquisitions to fill these gaps.

One example is OSIs acquisition of Hynek. OSI Industries purchased the German-based meat provider in 2016. The company is a long-standing brand in Germany. Hynek is also in the unique position of having ties to many local farmers and slaughterhouses in rural German areas. These sources are invaluable to a meat packaging company. Retaining all of the staff and leadership positions at Hynek while absorbing their connections, product line, and brand identity was a great way for OSI to breach into Germany in a smart unobtrusive way.

Another example of an acquisition that helped OSI Industries establish itself across the waters was the purchase of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch company with strong ties to the Netherlands and Germany. With a line of deli meats and snacks, Baho Foods offered a unique range of products to supplement OSIs primary meat exportation business. Also, Baho Foods happens to be a widely recognized name in the Netherlands with a couple of factories on Dutch soil to boot. This gave OSI the ability to expand into the Netherlands without the integration stage.

OSI is showing the world how to branch into other countries using tactical purchases. Baho Foods and Hynek serve as two of many examples that OSI has had over the years. OSI may be based in Ohio, but their products are sold and consumed across the globe.

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Enhanced Athlete promotes health and wellness

It takes a special type of athlete to know about the enhancements needed to reach full capacity and maximum potential. You can spend hours on end training and trying to build up as much muscle as possible but your body is going to shut down when it lacks the proper nutrition and protein. An athletes worst nightmare is looking over at the person next door not being able to figure out why things just are not adding up for them. The lack of information on proper enhancement can lead to depression, lack of motivation and many more issues. The more options that there are available can lead to confusion or misinformation on taking the right steps towards the health road. One person can spend hours trying to research and bury their faces in books in order to find out the best form of action for them to take on their athletic journey of improvement.

Fortunately companies like Enhanced Athlete provide A-1 guidance and superior information as it relates to the human body’s anatomy and the way we should consume our proteins to have our results at the apex of our expectations. Enhanced Athlete has expanded their reach into the community by providing other services in the realm of personal coaching. Almost everyone knows that the extra push certainly helps those afraid that the water is too cold; make the leap to jump into the pool of success. Along with a free consultation Enhanced Coaching services their clientele with starter packages all the way to pro packages. All of these packages include the most essential pieces, diet with the ability to have a personalized plan integrated to ensure customer satisfaction.

As a member you will receive a specialized log in credential which ultimately serve to make your experience that much more exclusive. Having the ability to have a one on one coach is amazing as it reads with an extreme advantage of getting you to your ultimate goals. Another one of Enhanced Athlete’s great attributes is their brand recognition with the release of Enhanced Gear; creating a way to let customers show their pride and confidence on their fitness journey. Over and above all, Enhanced Athlete is a pillar in the community of health and wellness, established to help those that need the support. Take a look at what they have to offer and check out all of the positive reviews.

Tempus Labs and Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Against Cancer

The disease cancer has been characterized as being a tricky antagonist that mimics the body’s normal functions so it can grow undisturbed. Because the body doesn’t recognize that there is a problem, it does not attack the cancer and it continues to grow unabated. Eric Lefkofsky is using Tempus Labs to devise successful ways to stop this complex disease.

Tempus Labs uses data to improve the way cancer patients are diagnosed and treated. The data is gathered from comprehensive cancer centers and top academic institutions. Eric Lefkofsky hopes to use Tempus to disseminate the cancer data to every doctor that has a cancer patient so that treatments can be design around each individual patient in a customized manner.

After the data garnered from the treatment of each cancer patient is stored in a central location it will be easier to disseminate the information to the important parties. The patients’ treatment data is stored in their medical records, but it has not been clinically coordinated for each type or cancer and most importantly, the information has not been accessible by physicians treating cancer patients.

Tempus was created to be central location for all this cancer treatment data. By bringing molecular data and clinical data together, Lefkofsky hopes Tempus will result in personalized, effective and more informative cancer treatments. Tempus is meant to contain data from every area of cancer treatments including molecular, therapeutic, clinical and the outcome response.

Molecular data is the patients’ DNA and RNA. RNA is the Ribonucleic acid, a polymeric molecule that is a part of various biological activities such as coding, decoding, regulation, and the work of genes. DNA is useful because it is considered to be an important element in developing personalized medicine for cancer patients.

The centralized location of such a vast amount of data will enable the fight for cancer to become more targeted and focused. Using big data analytics cancer treatments can be more effectively designed and administered. Currently, Tempus Labs can analyze data for 50,000 patients annually. Ultimately Tempus Labs will be able to take miscellaneous cancer treatment records and compile them in an orderly and annotated manner for ease of access. Lefkofsky’s Tempus will continue its use of clinical records, molecular data, DNA, RNA, etc. to compile a complete history of cancer treatments, their successes and failures to eventually supply all the necessary data needed to fight cancer successfully.

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Jose Hawilla and Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs are almost always the business people who are the most independent-minded and driven. They also act quickly to changes. An entrepreneur is completely different than a top employee of any company; they own or are partial owners of the company. He or she first noticed the need, and thereby took the initiative to start a company the covered that need. But that is just one point.




Noticing a need does not always mean you should become an entrepreneur. You should first do some soul searching to find out if that kind of life is suited to you.

Jose Hawilla noticed a need in Brazil and was suited to the entrepreneur life and therefore started the sports marketing company, Traffic, in order to fill that need. He advises new entrepreneurs to seek new sources of information wherever it can be found. Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Beginning in the 1960s, Hawilla worked as a sports reporter. And he worked in this capacity for the next 20 years. He lost this position after leading a strike against the company he worked for. In the early 80s he founded Traffic, a Brazillian sports marketing company.


The company started out only making advertisements for bus stops. However, within a decade after its founding, it had made many strategic sports partnerships. A huge highlight for the company during the 90s was the company brokering the advertising partnership between Nike and the Brazilian Soccer Federation. One big highlight of the past two decades has been Hawilla facilitating the private equity firm, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, in its purchase of a large minority share of the company. Today he leads the company to manage the career of 90 Brazilian athletes. Since its founding, it has also diversified into a wide range of forms of communication. It today runs TV networks, radio stations, and many newspapers. It also has a very strong U.S. branch which is helmed by its president, Aaron Davidson. You can visit estadao.com




Click here: https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/breathless-entrepreneurship-jose-hawilla-path-success/

William Saito: The Man Following His Dream Of Making A Difference In Cybersecurity

William Saito is an expert when it comes to cybersecurity who has worked with various companies and governments, particularly the government of Japan. He is someone who has emerged in the industry as an entrepreneur, visionary and someone who works hard to better the technology that is being used in our daily lives. Since he first started his career, he has worked with a number of projects about technology, with a wide range of companies. Some of the sectors that he has worked with during his career include banking, finance, healthcare and many more. He lives by the idea that technology can truly make a difference in people’s lives. However, there are always the threats that people face when they are making use of the internet and other forms of technology.

With cybersecurity being the primary field that Saito focuses on, he actively tries to implement solutions that could safeguard the information, and in turn, the lives of people using these technological resources. With newer technological innovations being introduced every single day, the need for proper cybersecurity is immense, which is what Saito has been working to implement.

Since a young age, Saito has always been interested in technology and computer-based programs, which he started working around by the time he was in school. When he reached high school, he began working for a number of small business, offering them self-coded software that could improve the work that they did. However, he didn’t think back then that one day his love for computers would take him up the corporate ladder and make him an incredibly well-known name in the industry.

Once Saito had reached college, his work was being recognized by more prominent and more prominent international companies. Whilst being a part of a pre-med degree, Saito regularly offered his expertise to a number of clients. Over time, he developed some software for companies across the world. It was during this time that Saito realized that he was getting more interested in the specialized field of information security, which is eventually the path that he took.

After selling their main software to Microsoft in 2000, Saito knew that he wanted to have a different experience in the world of cybersecurity. With his parents being immigrants from Japan, he knew that Tokyo would be a good place for him to find the experiences that he was looking for. He started to explore the cybersecurity scene in Tokyo and sound found it to be a lot more engaging than the one in Silicon Valley, which is why he eventually moved to Japan and started working there.

Saito’s journey then led him onto various ventures and projects that he undertook, which made him the person that he is today.

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Louis Chenevert’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Ideas

Louis R. Chenevert is United Technologies Corporation previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed as the President and CEO in April 2008, and was made Chairman in April 2008 and January 2010 respectively. He held the President and CEO ranks till his retirement in November 2014. He likewise occupied the President and COO positions with the same company, and became United Technologies Director in March 2006.

Before he was employed at United Technologies he was the President of Pratt and Whitney from April 1999 until March 2006. He also served with General Motors for 14 years as the Production General Manager of General Motors’ operation in St. Therese.

Louis Chenevert finished his Commerce Degree in Production Management at the Universite de Montreal, Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC); and received his Honorary Doctorate from the Montreal University in 2011 He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC, and HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board’s Chairman.

He disclosed that the idea for United Technologies came from the many ideas that were presented by key executives along with the core group within a small team that have an fervent comprehension of customer requirements and the motivation to provide innovative products within a production sequence of 30 years. The strategy mainly relies in the appropriate combination of generating acquisitions and administration of intense modification which will reinforce the company’s portfolio of assets.

Chenevert likewise said that he does not have any particular habit to become more productive as an entrepreneur since he considers his tendencies and liking to be different from each other. Although he states that he does not indulge in internal politics and use most of his time in endorsing a certain agenda along with being optimistic and passionate. He adds that he often makes the necessary follow-ups with an unwavering focus, and ensures that the main operational executives are equipped with all the things they ought to have to acquire and deliver the expected outcomes.

Louis Chenevert recommends that new entrepreneurs must have the right team from the start to easily hurdle any obstacles. And the individuals who composed the said team must be treated right, and given their just rewards in taking risks for the company.


Jobs Available At Sussex Healthcare

The elderly folks of Southern England have enjoyed the care offered by Sussex Healthcare for over 25 years now. The skills and experience of a dental surgeon and hotel manager have made this possible. Shafik Sachedina, the surgeon, and Shiraz Boghani have co-chaired the facility over the years and made it what it is today-a leader in the adult care network.

Sussex Healthcare is the leading company in healthcare sector. They have 20 home cares around UK. The healthcare programs create job opportunities for numerous qualified personel. Sussex healthcare desires to see their clients live a fulfilled life. They are keen on whoever they employ and also provide opportunities for development of their employees’ skills and abilities.

The working environment at Sussex allows one to achieve their potential while ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. Given that they desire to offer quality services to their patients, they encourage staff to pursue further training to achieve the quality goal.

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Available jobs

strong>Senior Care Assistant
The position is available at Clemsfold house where patients with dementia reside. A level 3 NVQ in care is required for this job. Further training on identification of special needs will be offered at the institutions academy. The responsibilities will include;
• Orientation of new staff.
• Attending of review meetings and supervising the completion of reports.
• Supporting service users.
The benefits that one will enjoy include pension, paid breaks, nursing apprenticeships, in house training, reduced rate accommodation, free uniform and staff bus among other benefits. You could also be allowed to switch houses to increase your experience.

Home Administrator-Clemsfold House
The main duty will be to support the Home Manager in running the administrative duties in the home. The other duties include;
• Typing correspondence.
• Responding to telephone calls.
• Producing documents like social calendars and posters.
• Printing forms needed by other staff.
• Liaising with doctors and other service providers.
The successful candidate will also need to actively take part in marketing, payroll, ordering and human resource duties.

Activity Assistant at Horncastle House
A punctual and reliable individual with a friendly disposition is being sought to take up this position. Their daily tasks will include;
• Organizing, recording and running the activity programme.
• To oversee the safe storage of activity materials and equipment.
• To determine service users needs individually.
• To liaise with appropriate therapists.
• To work with the activity coordinator to provide group activities.

The other available job offers include;
o Care Home Unit Manager at Orchad Lodge.
o Residential Care Home Manager for Clemsfold House.
o Domestic Assistant for Westeria Lodge located at East Grinstead.
o Senior Care Assistant for Longfield Manor and Orchard Lodge.
o Care Assistant for Beech Lodge and Clemsfield house.
Apply today and be part of the Sussex Healthcare community.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Provide Expert Level Services at an Extremely Affordable Price

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter from the Banyan Hill provides everyone regardless of income with the opportunity to gain an insight into revolutionary methods of investing. Individuals who subscribe to the service experienced potential dividends up to $29,000 according to customers testimonials. Last year, their readers had the opportunity to gain 943% in returns due to their daily emails. Membership includes access to professionally made portfolios, weekly updates, trade alerts, and monthly briefings. Profits Unlimited newsletter currently has more than 90,000 subscribers and it is likely that this number will only increase in the future. Visit the website Releasefact.com to learn more.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited as well as an administrator for two elite trading services, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. Mampilly also serves as a weekly contributor to Winning Investor Daily, the Banyan Hill free newsletter. With over 25 years of investing experience, Paul Mampilly’s services allowed people to make gains up to $250,000. Mampilly has managed finances for Deutsche Bank, ING, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a private Swiss bank. His investing experienced initiated a 76% return within a single year and therefore generating $88 million from his starting investment of $50 million. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this feat is the fact that he generated such profits during the 2008 financial crash without relying on any shorting stocks. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly continues to maintain a reputation for being one of the most noteworthy investors of recent times. He recommends that as of 2018, it is best for investors to focus on mega-trends such as medical, energy, and financial stocks. The best aspect of these stocks revolves around the fact that they generate both long-term growth as well as short-term immediate profits. As for the financial sector, he recommends having an insight into which companies use blockchain technology, mobile payments, bitcoins, and peer-to-peer lending and deeply consider investing in companies that implement these methods effectively.

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Jordan Lindsey: Encouraging Forex Traders To Pursue Their Dreams

As a small child growing up in New York, Jordan Lindsey had the heart of an entrepreneur. He was forever in search of the best opportunities to make life better and always had an inkling that he would improve other people’s existence.

The science of Forex trading can be difficult for others to understand. Traders often find themselves caught up within the limits of what they believe to be attainable. The foreign exchange market can seem equal parts enthralling and scary. Jordan Lindsey is here to simplify things for would be traders.

Instead of steering the traders who rely on his advice towards investments that are thought to be realistic, Lindsey is teaching traders to embrace the unconventional. He knows that the job is never over and is never one to rest on his laurels.

This is the mentality that Jordan Lindsey passes down to Forex traders who rely on the assistance that JLC Capital can provide. With access to his trend trading indicator, Lindsey’s clients who are looking to remain on the right side of the trend will always be able to trade responsibly.

He approaches trading as if it were a science and this is an approach that clients can certainly benefit from. Jordan Lindsey is not someone who believes in luck when it comes to trading. Trading is about altering the odds in your favor.

In order to assist clients who are looking to create their own luck in the Forex trading realm, he has created a cryptocurrency trading bot known as Bitcoin Trading Bot. Now that the world of crypto trading has become more competitive, we need access to tools that can keep us from falling behind the times.

Lindsey preaches the importance of not allowing yourself to become overly conventional as well. In order to remain in lockstep with the trends that will dictate your success, the art and science must be considered. This is where Jordan Lindsey is truly able to shine because of his ability to provide clients with an actionable road map to success.

He is not afraid to fail and this is an ethos that he is more than happy to pass down to his clients. While there is nothing that we cannot achieve in the world of Forex trading with the assistance of JLC Capital, Lindsey knows that following through on an idea is just as important as having one in the first place.