Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Put to the Test

If you have greasy and flat fine hair that makes you look like you put zero effort into your hair care routine, it might be time to take a closer look at the hair care products you are using instead of your heredity. One young woman who was frustrated with the conditioner of her hair decided to take to the internet to put a popular hair conditioner to the test, and the results were quite revealing.

To get a better look at who was the creator of the WEN By Chaz hair conditioners this young lady was going to put to the test, we have to go all the way to Los Angeles to find Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) styling hair and growing frustrated with the products available to his clients. Dean decided to develop a line of hair care products that made use of only all-natural ingredients that protected the hair rather than damaging it.

Dean was well aware that most hair care products on the market today make use of some harsh cleaning agents that will strip away the natural oils of the hair, leaving them weak and exposed to potential damage. His Wen By Chaz hair care products not only began to transform his client’s hair, celebrities caught wind and began flooding his salon for their turn at success.

This story was originally posted on Bustle, and we follow a young lady who worked at a hair salon as she showed the world how horrible her hair was. The flat and greasy look was not allowing her to grow her client base because her look was completely unflattering. She started her 7-day journey using the Wen By Chaz hair conditioner that was designed for flat hair, and it only took a few days before we all get to see the transformation.

By the time she reaches day 7, her hair looks stunning. If she could achieve this with her minimal efforts, so could anyone.

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Jason Halpern’s Efforts to Preserve Traditional Architectural Integrity

Jason as an Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a renowned real estate developer in the United States. He is popular for the development of the flashy and luxurious buildings in Miami, Brooklyn and other places in New York. However, he is most popular for his reuse of buildings and advocating to maintain some aspects of the initial infrastructure in order to maintain its architectural integrity. He builds residential complexes and luxurious hotels from some of the old structures and creates a very spectacular building. He is the current director of the Parametric Dining, LLC in Philadelphia. The company has been in his family for years and he took over its leadership in 2010 and has seen it achieve so much success. He combines his entrepreneurial skills and his love for architecture in order to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


Jason’s Team

In his years as the company’s director, it has been able to make some of the best business alliances that have resulted in some amazing building projects. In 2014, Halpern announced a big milestone in the construction of the Aloft Hotels. The construction would involve the building reuse of the motel Ankara. The Plaza Construction Company would build an eight storey tower incorporating the initial architecture of the building. The building would be one of the biggest addition into the Aloft group of hotels. The hotel was scheduled to open in 2015 and this meant that the companies were in line with the schedule. In addition to having guest accommodation, it would also have an outdoor pool, a meeting area and a rooftop lounge. The hotel would also be part of the Guest(R) program. Under this program, customers can gain and redeem points for flights, rooms to stay or an upgrade for their rooms.

Modeling and Jason

Halpern controls all the residential and commercial real estate properties owned by the company across different parts of U.S. One of its major secrets into being the leading developer of luxurious properties comes from the strategic location of their properties. In 2011, Halpern gained more recognition when Parametric Dining had one of its buildings win an award. Their construction of the 340 luxurious apartments in Kent won the year’s Brooklyn Building award for the adaptive reuse category. This was one of the building moments of Halpern’s career in real estate development. Cass Gilbert-designed waterfront warehouse was once the host of the biggest grocer in all of U.S. The warehouse build in 1913 is still in the history registry records because Halpern advocated for the preservation of its architectural integrity during its reuse. This building is now one of the most sought after rental building in the area for its good view of Manhattan and its location that is close to many other auxiliary facilities.

Skilled Talent Selection by Julie Zuckerberg

Through social media, the internet has continued to stash several options for job seekers to land their dream jobs. The options can be beneficial and unpredictably confusing. With hundreds of online recruiting companies consistently penetrating the market, boards, and job postings online, a job seeker may find it challenging to settle for a credible recruiter. Head hunting may also challenge a company. That is why it is vital for both parties to rely on a reliable recruiter. A recruiter offers many benefits in the market. An astute recruiter is diligent, self-motivated, charismatic, professional and all rounded. Such are the qualities of Julie Zuckerberg.
Talent Acquisition
The world cheers Julie Zuckerberg for her outstanding professionalism in acquiring, recruiting, training and monitoring expertise in various fields. She is the head of talent acquisition at the Deutsche Bank, based in New York. Since 2014, Julie has served the bank through recruiting top talent in the management team, training professionals, and chairing the salaries negotiation processes. Since her placement in the firm, Julie has conducted several coaching lessons for various recruiters who work for the Deutsche Bank. She also guides leadership in addition to executive committees. When she was appointed the head of talent acquisition at the Deutsche Bank, Julie oversaw general relations undertaking. She also chaired all contracts and governance.
Deutsche Bank
Julie’s career as a talent recruiter dates back to 10 years ago. Before her employment at the Deutsche Bank, she was an employee at an insurance company called New York Life. Julie was the vice president of New York Life Insurance. She geared the firm towards recruitment and coordination of the management. Her core roles revolved around client satisfaction.
The talent recruiter also served at Citi as the vice president and lead recruiter. Her services extended to six years. She was in charge of chairing negotiations for newly appointed executives. She was also involved in the sourcing of excellent employees for various branches in the world and guiding Citi on strategy implementation.
Career at Hudson
Working at Hudson in her first job, Julie was appointed the director of talent placement. She worked for five years with her roles centered on recruiting paralegals, casual workers, lawyers, and managers. Julie also recruited relievers as temporary employees. As a qualified lawyer, her skills were executed in the field of recruiting attorneys for Hudson. For financial institutions and corporations, Julie assisted Hudson in solving conflicts.
Julie Zuckerberg attended the Brooklyn College in New York City. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy. Julie advanced her studies in law at the New York. She is famous for her vast experience and professionalism in different fields of careers. Her extensive experience has equipped her with various skills in marketing, management, conflict resolution and team leadership. Apart from her career in talent acquisition, Julie has participated in human rights and animals campaigns. She commits to giving back to the society. To Julie, humanity controls the world. She draws strength from selecting the best for employers and empowering the best to achieve.

Things You Did As A Kid


When you were little, you probably did several things that are now considered weird. There were pens that had several colors, and you might have tried to push down every pen at the same time or even each color just to see what it looked like on paper. Another fun thing that you probably did as a child was to use your sweater as an extra arm to play games.


When you opened your lunchbox, all you saw were the chips to eat even though there was a sandwich and healthy foods. This was the fun part of school each day. A fun thing that you might have done with your chips was to make chip fingers. This usually worked with onion rings and chips with a circle shape. While you were at home, you probably hung onto your dads legs to get a ride around the house. After making brownies, cupcakes, cookies and other treats, you probably licked the bowl. Some people tell you that this isn’t healthy, but if you’re watching Wengie, then you didn’t suffer any ill effects most likely. You probably licked the bowl after your parents made something delicious or your grandparents made something as they probably didn’t complain as much about licking.

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Tips for Choosing Online Reputation Management Companies

There are many reasons why businesses seek the services the services of professional online reputation management companies. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, one of the major reasons being the appearance of bad search result is the appearance of bad reviews on review sites. It would also be a great reason as to why ORM services are sought. Whatever the reason for hiring an ORM company, one very important thing is to ensure that the contractor is capable of delivering. So, how will you know is a company is capable? Look for the following characteristics.

ORM Firm Ranking

When looking for an ORM firm, it is important that you check how the company ranks independently. Here, I don’t mean how companies rank when you search the word ORM. If a company ranks high on this keyword it will mean that they advertise a lot and end up using a lot of money. Besides, advertising on such a widely searched keyword costs a lot of money. Therefore, a company will end up using more money on advertising rather than paying attention to the customers that they already have.

Exaggerated Guarantees

When ORM firms are trying to win over clients, they will promise you the world. Some will say how your search results will be fixed in less than half the year. The truth is, fixing bad articles and critical reviews will take time. Thus, if a company promises quick fixes, they must be doing something shady that will get in you in trouble later. And if not, they will end up disappointing you.

Transparent Processes

At all cost, avoid hiring a company that doesn’t want to let you in on their processes. You need total transparency to know what you expect to get. Therefore, always as how the company plans to correct your reputation. Whether they do everything in-house or they plan on subcontracting. Doing this, will ensure that you have an upper hand on how things are carried out each month.

Bottom Line

When you are using your money to work for you, it should do exactly that. Therefore, you should do your research well before you hire anyone ORM Company.

Thor Havlorssen and his Human Rights Foundation

Thor Havlorssen is a human rights activist of Venezuelan and Norwegian origin. He has been a human rights and social justice crusader for a very long time. He even has his own human rights foundation with headquarters in New York. The influence of the foundation that he started is so widespread that it hosts one of the largest events on human rights activism in the world.

The journey that he has taken to get to the point he is right now has not been easy. When he was growing up, he witnessed his father getting arrested and mistreated by the Venezuelan corrupt regime. His father had been protesting the scam at the Mendela Castle when it happened. Then, he witnessed his own mother getting shot during peaceful demonstrations against the government. The worst thing about the whole ordeal was the fact that after the people who did the shooting were arrested, they were only sentenced to three years on prison, of which they only served six months.

These are some of the forces that led him to become the activist that he has become. Thor says that he does not respect people based on who they are, where they come from or their race. He stated that the thing that he respects the mot in a person is finding out that they are working towards the same cause. He is deeply committed to social justice and at times, it has led him into dangerous situations. For instance, there is a time he narrowly escaped getting jailed in Vietnam for reporting about the plight of the political prisoners there.

He is also the patron of the Czech organization known as the children peace movement. Another organization that he founded is the Moving Picture Institute that deals with human rights issues. In 2010, he purchased the Norwegian News Magazine known as NY Tid.

He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied political science and History and graduated with the highest honors. He is a true inspiration to lovers of social justice.


Most people don’t think of wine as an investment, but if you stop and think about if for a moment, wine as an investment opportunity makes a great deal of sense.

Fine wine always appreciates over time and will become rarer and rarer as the vintage ages. This realization has led UKV PLC to offer a unique service that allows individuals to purchase the finest wines and champagnes from vineyards across Europe as an investment.

The company relies on a cadre of wine experts who can recommend the best choices for potential wine investors. Because the company firmly believes that education and information make investors more confident in their choices, UKV PLC’s brokers are always available for an in-depth consultation, whether on the phone or in person. An independent wine buyer and broker, the company specializes in purchasing fine wines for individuals and corporate clients and also acts as a broker for clients who wish to sell their holdings. Among the luxury wines in the UKV PLC catalog are Lafite Rothschild, Latour, and Mouton Rothschild.

There are a number of benefits to working with UKV PLC. One reason is that it would be difficult to make a small purchase of a luxury wine directly from a vineyard without an intermediary. Other than purchasing wine in a retail store, a company such as UKV PLC is the only way average investors in the UK would be able to invest in wines produced in France, Italy, and Spain. In addition, UKV PLC can help investors decide which wines or champagnes will make the most suitable investment in their financial situation.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, a Leader in their Field.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association strives to provide the best service and care to their clients. It is of the utmost importance that patients feel comfortable with their medical decisions. Housed in Austin, Texas, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association has become one of the most beloved medical facilities in the area. Clients cannot say enough positive things about their experiences with the Capitol Anesthesiology Association. The doctors are known for their kindness and compassion, the facility is pristine and inviting, and working with the billing department is easy and not stressful. Even when your surgery is over and you are home comfortably resting the care does not end. Former patients remark how wonderful it was to receive follow up calls checking to make sure that their experience was good and that they are feeling well.

Many times people feel that if they do not have good insurance they will not receive good care. This is not the case at the Capitol Anesthesiology Association. No matter what your economic status, you are treated as a valuable patience. The doctors strive to treat all of their patients with compassion, integrity, and offer them the best medical care available. The Association also realizes that not all of their clients are fluent English speakers. If you are a non-english speaker you can receive services in Spanish, Czech, and Slovak. If you are near the Austin, Texas area, and are in need of a medical procedure, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association is the place for you.

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Woman in Power- Maggie Gill

There is no room for discussion when talking about health issues. Being healthy is very significant in our day to day activities. Another big issue is women in power and more specifically the medical industry. There are very few women who hold top positions in the health industry, and the few have made significant changes in the industry.

Maggie Gill is among the top women who have been serving in the health sector for the longest time now. Maggie Gill joined Memorial University Medical Center and was appointed as the Vice President of finance and managed care in 2004. Maggie is one parson who is very passionate about people and their wellbeing. Her hard work and devotion led him to another top position in the institution. Maggie was elected the Chief Operating Officer in 2005, and in 2011 Maggie was named the Presidqqent and the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health.

Maggie’s leadership position has given her the opportunity to provide leadership to all Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, as well as physicians at Memorial University Medical Center. Maggie plays a major role in the management and leadership of the medical institution as she has been responsible for internal audits, government relations, physicians’ relations, orthopedics and neuroscience programs, the heart and vascular institute, government relations, facilities management, and trauma services.

Before joining Memorial University Medical Center, Maggie Gill served at Tenet South Florida Health System. Gill has been making endless efforts to improve the medical industry something that has seen her receive the Tenet outstanding Chief Financial Officer of the year three times. During her term at Tenet Maggie worked at Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Fla, North shore Medical Center in Miami, and Coral Cables Hospital. Maggie Gill is a graduate of Florida University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree with honors and MBA holder from Saint Leo University in Florida.

Memorial University Medical Center is a general hospital in Savanna GA. Memorial University Medical Center is also a teaching institution. The medical institution offers managed care and contracting services for health systems with third party administrators, insurers, fully funded, and self-funded employers. Since its establishment in 1996, the medical institute has been distributing inclusive provider network and a full selection of value added services for self-insured employers.

Memorial University Medical Center has more than 15 hospitals in more than 29 counties in South East Georgia and South California. The medical institution is built on strong basis of professionally, and focuses on their clients.


Getting to Know Doctor Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon, and the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She is a member of Modern Aesthetics and one of the women who has served as a board of director at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Her background in medical training


Jennifer was born in Austin, TX and is the daughter of a surgical nurse mother, and a dentist father. She attended Anderson High School and later, joined the University of Texas to pursue her undergraduate degree in biology. She then applied to join the medical school at the Texas University medical branch.


Where has she practiced?

Jennifer Walden worked as a surgeon at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital after attaining a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. After the fellowship, had ended, Jennifer worked at New York City for almost eight years. While working in New York, Jennifer took part in Clinical trials that contributed a lot to the silicone breast implants re-introduction.


Procedures she specializes in


Through her studies and vast experience, Jennifer managed to get the much-needed knowledge to carry out different procedures in plastic surgery. They include:


Face – this is a cosmetic plastic surgery that “turns back time” by getting rid of lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun-damaged skin that makes someone look sad, angry or tired. Procedures involved include cheek and chin implants, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and facelift.


Breast – in this kind of surgery, women get to reduce or enlarge their breasts with the aim of achieving a balance in the shape and size of the breasts. Men may also reduce their breast size. The procedures she offers include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation and lift, and gynecomastia.


Bodycosmetic plastic surgery procedures also assist in reshaping many body parts by toning muscles and getting rid of the excess fat. The procedures involved are abdominoplasty, liposuction, brachioplasty, body lift, thigh lift, buttock augmentation, external vaginal rejuvenation and thermiva vaginal tightening.


Other services that she offers include hair restoration and removal, radio-frequency and skin care. Consider visiting her company’s website to get more information.


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