Jose Hawilla and Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs are almost always the business people who are the most independent-minded and driven. They also act quickly to changes. An entrepreneur is completely different than a top employee of any company; they own or are partial owners of the company. He or she first noticed the need, and thereby took the initiative to start a company the covered that need. But that is just one point.




Noticing a need does not always mean you should become an entrepreneur. You should first do some soul searching to find out if that kind of life is suited to you.

Jose Hawilla noticed a need in Brazil and was suited to the entrepreneur life and therefore started the sports marketing company, Traffic, in order to fill that need. He advises new entrepreneurs to seek new sources of information wherever it can be found. Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Beginning in the 1960s, Hawilla worked as a sports reporter. And he worked in this capacity for the next 20 years. He lost this position after leading a strike against the company he worked for. In the early 80s he founded Traffic, a Brazillian sports marketing company.


The company started out only making advertisements for bus stops. However, within a decade after its founding, it had made many strategic sports partnerships. A huge highlight for the company during the 90s was the company brokering the advertising partnership between Nike and the Brazilian Soccer Federation. One big highlight of the past two decades has been Hawilla facilitating the private equity firm, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, in its purchase of a large minority share of the company. Today he leads the company to manage the career of 90 Brazilian athletes. Since its founding, it has also diversified into a wide range of forms of communication. It today runs TV networks, radio stations, and many newspapers. It also has a very strong U.S. branch which is helmed by its president, Aaron Davidson. You can visit




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