What Can You Learn From Dick Devos?

Human knowledge advances when people learn from others. Philanthropist Dick Devos has provided many important lessons for those who want to improve their community. What can you learn from Dick Devos?


Investing in Future


Everyone is given talents, but those who flourish will invest their talents in fruitful activities. Education for the youth is one of the most beneficial activities for a philanthropist, such as Dick Devos. And, education should not be limited by the financial well-being of the family.


Michigan charter schools have been created and funded by Dick and Betsy Devos. They worked together to ensure that all of the children had access to a proper education.


During his run for Michigan governor, Mr. Dick Devos also advocated the usage of vouchers to enable all children to succeed. Why is it that economics teaches that competition is healthy, but the government school system does not support competition for education? Won’t schools become better when they are forced to compete for the student’s enrollment?


Developing Networks


As a pilot, Dick Devos developed a very important relationship with the local Grand Rapids Airport – Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He and his wife even started an academy at the airport to train the next generation of pilots.


By helping the youth learn, Dick Devos created a vibrant potential for a positive future. His positive attitude also attracted other passionate, positive people. Later on, he could tap into this valuable personal network to build his community even further.


Building Community


Pilot Dick Devos loved his local Grand Rapids Michigan community and airport. Instead, of waiting for others to increase the options for air travel, he took action. Where was the Michigan governor?


A can-do attitude helps someone get what needs to be done, done. Dick Devos does not ask for permission. He does not say “it is not his problem.” He does not wait for government bureaucrats to create a new department to pretend to solve another problem.


By tapping into his personal network, Mr. Dick Devos was able to contact AirTran and Southwest Airlines and ask them to expand their operations at the Grand Rapids Michigan airport. The Southwest Effect could improve the local Grand Rapids Airport. Like a spider web, it could create the connections to other communities that could increase productivity and lead to more jobs.


In many ways, this was an important step in trying to rebuild Grand Rapids, Michigan. This action, and his many others, are reasons why Dick Devos was appointed to the Civilian Oversight Committee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Now, Dick Devos can help rebuild America.


What can you learn from Dick Devos? Invest in the youth. Use personal networks to build the community and think outside the box. That is how you make a real contribution to this existence. Learn more: Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/DickDeVosII