Universities Are Making Wikipedia Their New Exams

In Sydney, Australia The University of Sydney has decided to take away written exams and essays. Instead, they offer their students the option of sharing what they know on the popular site Wikipedia. This may seem backwards from most universities, as Wikipedia has been labeled as unreliable. This stigma is quickly being tossed out of the window by The University of Sydney. It is likely to be a stigma tossed by many universities after the great results from this institution.
The University of Sydney noticed a decline in students that would pick up their essays from professors. It was a lot of wasted time and effort being put into feedback by professors when students were very uninterested in reading it. The university found that students put in less effort in academic papers verses an article written and viewed online. Wikipedia offered an online resource to help students write and post articles that were of interest to them. Not only that, but they also were able to receive feedback online from professors and other students. 

This turned out to be a great assignment for many students across many different majors. There were some students taking academic writing courses. Other students were taking a course on magazine literature. While other students were taking biology courses. All of these different backgrounds are able to give their students an interesting assignment to create or update a Wiki page. Academic institutions also think it is a great idea because students must be familiar with online literature in today’s workforce. It appears to be a win, win for both students and professors. 
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The second promise is that your page will be protected when you hire Wiki writers from this company. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. This is a good thing in terms of community but some people do things to hurt your business. The Wikipedia experts for hire from Get Your Wiki promise to keep a watchful eye over your page. The final promise they make is that anything you write can be professionally translated by their translators into any language you want. Wikipedia is said to be the largest public resource online. It is great that universities are giving their students the opportunity to be a part of it. 

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