The Success of Clayton Hutson the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is a renowned producer, designer, and live tours manager. He studied bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts majoring in Theatre Design and Technical Production at Stephen M. Ross School. He also did Master of Business Administration at the same university, he graduated. In 1999 he started his music career as a production manager for Getagrip Touring Company. In 2001, he became the production vice president of Ronin Event Creative. In fact, he once became a stage manager for pop star Kanye West. In addition, he also managed production for Jennifer Nettles and prince. Before joining rock and roll, Mr. Hutson delivered his services to Traveling Circuit a company owned by Billy Graham. He has worked with several music stars including Kid Rock, Pink Guns N’ Roses, and Garbage.


Recently Clayton Hutson was invited to an interview to explain how he became successful. Due to his understanding of the music industry and his vast experience, he considers himself the best in the industry. For the audience to enjoy every performance, he tailors and makes it in a unique and attractive way through hard work.


During the interview, he explained that his experience in the music industry helped him start his own company. Through the ranks in the industry, he managed to gather a lot of information and sharpened his expertise in live entertainment. During the recession period, the company he was working for experienced financial difficulties and this triggered his exit. This proved to be the best time to start his own company.


Hutson spent his days are spent running stage management for music stars and different events. For an event to be successful he makes sure that he is the first one to reach the venue before preparations begin. Being a stage manager requires him to oversee all activities and make sure they run smoothly. According to him technology advancement in the music industry such as huge lights and large video screens excite him.


Productivity for him is driven by his planning skills. As an entrepreneur, he pointed out that planning his whole day beforehand helps him to work efficiently. His advice to young people is to prioritize their families, be honest with themselves and other people. During his career, he learned that it is not worth to despise other people. His preference would be for a talented person without minding their approach.


In 2018, Clayton Hutson will be managing globalHopeless Fountain Kingdom tour for Halsey. The tour will lead to performances in Las Vegas, Singapore London and other cities. Lastly, Social media has helped Hutson and Halsey achieve tremendous success. Learn more: