The Story of Stephen P. Murray

On March 12, 2015, Stephen P. Murray passed away. Known for his generosity and business acumen, Murray had a long and storied career in the private equity industry.

Stephen Murray received his first degree (in economics) from Boston College in 1984, which was then immediately put to use at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he trained as a credit analyst. Following this, he successfully achieved a master’s degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School.

Once his education was complete, Stephen Murray was hired by MH Equity Corporation, a business that was closely tied to his earlier training program. After the better part of two decades and several mergers later, Murray eventually found himself at JP Morgan Partners as the head of buyout business.

However, he wasn’t done moving up in the world quite yet, and subsequently founded a new spin-off from JP Morgan Partners in 2005: CCMP Capital. Merely two years later, CCMP Capital was named as the 17th largest private equity fund in the entire world, a testament to the financial genius of Murray.
However, his impact on the world was not limited to his legacy in finance. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Murray was also a renowned philanthropist that donated large sums to a wide array of different charities and institutions, ranging from food banks to schools and museums.

Although many of the beneficiaries of his generosity may not have known his name or his face, his kindness made thousands of lives measurably better.

In February 2015, Murray left CCMP for health reasons. These same health issues resulted in his passing a mere month later. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

While many mourned his passing, many others were completely unaware that such a bright light had flickered and faded away.

He will be missed as a man, a major player in the world of finance, and a pillar of the community. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: