The journey of Clayton Hutson in Music Production

One of the big names in the live entertainment world is Clayton Hutson who hails from Michigan but lives in the budding music town of Nashville. Through his career, his popularity associates him with the regular tour bus home. Clayton has been privileged to work with some of the most famous artists over the many years in the industry. He has worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, and Garbage among many others.

Besides working with these artists, Clayton Hutson was also a production manager for one of the most famous televangelists Billy Graham. It’s while he was working here that he realized his undying passion for the music industry. Clayton has also had his time with quite many corporate events which include the summer Olympics where he was positioned as the technical consultant.

Clayton Hutson attributes his high success in the industry to his strong work ethic and determination to offer the very best where he is always cautious at paying attention to all the essential details. He is also comfortable with long days where he believes in safety, organization and careful set up of equipment’s and gear in the best way possible. These together with his incline to using technology and equipment’s have placed him at the top as one of the most sought-after production managers.

His extensive experiences include production management, rigging, logistics management as well as the production of live shows. This expertise and experience are what has led Clayton Hutson to the production guru he is today. He says that he owns and operates his own company which is known as Ronin Event Creative where the growing company works on very many tours in all size ranges and budgets. He feels confident that the unique operations and productions in his company put together with the very many services he provides and his deep roots in the industry forms a firm background for the success of his company.

Through his company, Clayton plans to continue contributing significantly to his age long passion for music through producing only the very best most superior services.