Waiakea Water is Healthy, Sustainable and Certified as Carbon Neutral

Most people are not aware of how industrious the field of bottled water has become. An online article pointed out that it is currently a billion dollar industry that spans the globe. This article went on to inquire as to why so many people would choose to purchase water that has been bottled rather than use what comes directly out of their taps. Aside from areas where clean water is not readily available, most modernized countries have city filtration processes in place for where their water is sourced. Not only do many brands advertise their bottled water as being purer than tap water, they also promote it as being healthier.

While some brands might be hard pressed to substantiate their claims, the team behind Waiakea water continue to stand behind their product. Known as an Hawaii volcanic water, this brand is sourced from a natural spring found on the island of Hawaii. The beneficial electrolytes and minerals contained within this water are added as the water passes through layers of volcanic rock found deep beneath the surface of the ground near the Mauna Loa volcano.

Additional volcanic water benefits found in the Waiakea brand include better hydration. The Waiakea water pH level generally falls between 7.6 and 8.2, which also makes it a naturally alkaline water. This makes the water more attuned to the body’s natural pH level, which usually falls at about 7.4. The pH level found in Waiakea water is also close to the levels found in purified water, which attest to its natural state of purity. The bottling process for this water is designed to maintain its naturally beneficial properties.

Not only is the water sourced for the Waiakea brand considered to be a sustainable resource, but the bottling process as well as the bottles themselves, are also designed to be environmentally friendly. This brand’s bottling process actually uses less energy, which produces fewer carbon emissions. The bottles used to contain this water are also manufactured using less energy. In fact, the Waiakea brand of water stands apart from most other brands by being certified as carbon neutral.