Securus Technologies Does it Again!

Not long ago, Securus Technologies a market leader of criminal justice and civil technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and investigation, officially informed the public about an accreditation it received from Better Business Bureau (BBB). This bureau also rated services provided by Securus Technologies as A+. According to Danny de Hoyos ,who is the senior vice president in charge of operations, Securus has worked extremely hard along Better Business Bureau based in Texas to not only receive highest and impressive ratings but also gain formal accreditation following what the firm says as well as what it issues in terms of print.


Standards that Securus Managed to Meet


According to BBB, for a firm to receive accreditation it has to meet certain requirements. These requirements include building trust in the market place, adhering to established advertising standards, honestly representing services and products, openly identifying important details about ventures such as the location, ownership and the nature of the business as well as abiding by all written and signed agreements and verbal representation among others.


In an effort to enhance and improve customer service to a large number of recipients, Securus Technologies founded the largest domestic call center in the industry accommodating 220 seat in –house. This action enabled Securus gain more control over customer service as well as implement the set standards by BBB with an aim to become accredited.


About Securus Technologies


Since inception, Securus Technologies has continued to offer quality technological solutions to its clients. This company has its headquarters situated in Dallas, Texas. With committed and dedicated employees, Securus Technologies serves over 3450 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies as well as more than 1200000 inmates throughout North America. This firm offers a wide array of services ranging from public information, biometric analysis, information management, communication and monitoring services and products with an end goal to make the world the best and safest place to live.