Securus steps up crime prevention with JLG Investigator Pro

Securus Technologies, the nation’s leading provider of inmate communication solutions, has made a name for itself by providing the nation’s prisoners with inexpensive phone calls and high-quality communication services.


But the company has also worked tirelessly to develop high-tech solutions to aid in the fight against criminal activity taking place within the nation’s prisons. By getting these tools into the hands of prison administrators and staff, Securus is helping to take the U.S. criminal justice system into the 21st century.


One of the ways in which Securus is helping to fight organized criminal activity within the nation’s prisons is through its technology call JLG investigator Pro. This system is a highly sophisticated platform that allows for such capabilities as biometric voice recognition, automatic transcription of all communications that take place within the prison premises and investigatory support services that free up officers to do what they do best, guard inmates.


JLG Investigator Pro has been used successfully in countless investigations and has provided prosecutors with evidence that has won conviction in criminal trials. The system can recognize all known parties engaging in any conversation on the prison phone system. It can also be used to identify any third parties who have been banned from communicating with prisoners or who have been identified as posing a potential risk to the institution. The system is also capable of automatic prioritization, only flagging and bringing to the attention of officers communications that have a high index of suspicion and may warrant further investigation by the officer on duty.


Through sophisticated systems such as these, Securus is taking the fight against crime in the nation’s prisons into the 21st century. Spending billions of dollars on research and development, Securus is leading the way in the integration of high technology with talented and highly trained at prison staff to ensure that the nation’s carceral facilities are safe and secure.