Richard Mishaan Design and the Cartagena Home

Richard Mishaan Design was established in New York almost 25 years ago. Ever since then the team has been intent on developing themselves into something of an industry game changer. So far their success has been well earned. Richard Mishaan leads the way bringing with him an influential style that has put the Richard Mishaan Design team on the map on a global scale. Mishaan mixes and matches eras and textures while never losing sight of what it means to be ‘artfully modern‘.

Finding success as an interior designer means that Richard Mishaan Design needs to always be on the look out for something new or something impressive to show the world. Thankfully we can head to Bogota, Mishaan’s own home, to see some of the design teams greatest work. In Bogota, where Mishaan was born and raised, you can find the Cartagena house. The Cartagena house is a three story building that was designed, head to toe, by the Richard Mishaan Design crew. The building beautifully blends different eras while showcasing what makes Mishaan himself so special.

The Cartagena house is a standout piece of work for the Richard Mishaan Design team and a simple walk through the building will show why. The home is located on the Caribbean coast and all of the flavor of the coast can be found within the four walks of the building. Still, Mishaan doesn’t just shrug away his modern influences. The Cartagena house uses limited colors and textures but it does so in such a wondrous way as to make every setting pop. You can walk through the living room and touch 500 year old wood or stroll through the kitchen to see immaculate modern design at work. The Cartagena home is as much of a getaway house as it is a dream project for Richard Mishaan.