Real Estate Mavericks Offers New Take On Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Mavericks, the latest venture of serial entrepreneur Greg Hague is offering a new angle for agents looking to sell homes in the real estate market. The founder of Real Estate Mavericks is famous for implementing several new strategies in the real estate scene such as 990 Sell Homes, which enjoyed tremendous success for selling homes for a small flat commission of 6% and included a multitude of services. In addition, the real estate market innovator has built up his own real state companies in the Southwestern region of the United States and turned them into multi-million dollar profitable companies. Greg Hauge can be considered an expert in the real estate market as well as a pioneer that has brought new strategies and tactics to the real estate scene.

Hauge’s latest venture, Real Estate Mavericks is a firm that offers coaching to real estate sellers. His newest philosophy advocates shaking things up a bit in the real estate scene by adding tactics used in the online retail world. Hague states “that he has been extremely surprised that nobody has added “the techniques and strategies used in online sales by leading companies such as Amazon and Apple” and applied it to real estate. He goes on by saying “that sellers today, are sticking to traditional methods of selling homes which are becoming antiquated.” Today’s real estate sales process can be described succinctly as “hope marketing” and Hague’s Real Estate Mavericks company addresses this issue from all angles. Hope marketing is instead of taking proactive steps to sell a home, you just list a home, place a sign and hope for a seller to pop up along, and be interested.

That method, which is currently the dominant method employed by most real estate professionals needs to change according to Hague. It hurts the price of homes and results in the loss of sales prices due to homes sitting on the markets for an extended period of time. Instead, he advocates creating a buzz first, generating interest and attracting prospective buyers before a home is ever listed on the marketplace.

You have to be clever in the real estate market, where there is stiff competition for agents and buyers will look to bargain in each and every possible way. This new approach developed by Greg Hague is taught at Real Estate Mavericks. Agents can learn of this new approach through an immersion course offered by the company. Real Estate Mavericks also a offers professional development service called LinkedIn Pro for real estate agents that is meant to boost the image and reach of sellers. The current real estate coaching program is limited to 100 agents per month, includes protected market areas and franchising rights.

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