Oncotarget: How a Leading Online Platform Is Taking Over Research with Efficiency

Oncotarget’s reputation as a leading research platform remains unsurpassed. Through the platform, researchers can obtain reliable information based on average citations from articles published. Since its inception, Oncotarget has consistently provided high-quality reading material in a predetermined order based on average data as follows:

  • 2011 RG Journal impact 4.76
  • 2012 RG Journal impact 6.73
  • 2013 RG Journal impact 5.77
  • 2014 RG Journal impact 5.30
  • 2015/2016 RG Journal impact 3.45
  • 2017 RG Journal impact 4.76

The Link between E-Cigarettes and Damage to Gum Tissue

Reliable data from a medical study conducted by the University of Rochester revealed that electronic cigarettes have a profound impact on the teeth and gums compared to conventional cigarettes. Published by Irfan Rahman, a Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine on Oncotarget platform, the study revealed that e-cigarettes significantly contributed to damaging the molecular and cellular levels which subsequently affected oral health.Even though electronic cigarettes have been gaining prominence among adults based on the misleading perception that they are a healthier option to conventional cigarettes, practitioners firmly believe that chemicals present in such cigarettes contribute to adverse health effects. According to Irfan, the vapors emanating from e-cigarette induce the release of inflammatory proteins from cells leading to aggravated stress and the contraction of oral diseases. Before backing this theory, Irfan had published a comprehensive study regarding the damaging effects of flavorings and e-cigarette vapors on lung cells while also expounding on a recent study regarding pollution effects. In a nutshell, the study painted a vivid picture on how the frequency of e-cigarette smoking caused damage to the oral cavity and gums.

Damaging Contents of the E-Cigarette

An e-cigarette typically consists of a heating device, a cartridge to hold the liquid which is primarily nicotine, and battery. The battery-powered appliance works on the principle of heating the liquid into an aerosol that the handler inhales. However, Irfan highly sensitizes on the need to conduct further comprehensive studies to comprehend the health effects arising from e-cigarettes. More importantly, he also encourages manufacturers to reveal chemicals and materials used in the manufacturing process to protect consumers from potential danger. Funded by the famed National Institutes of Health, the study brings together various authors such as Isaac Sundar and Fawad Javed with the sole intention of fostering medical discovery.