Omar Boraie is a Saint to New Brunswick

Omar Boraie has done more for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey than most people ever do for their family. He has remained loyal to the city even though all other analysts and allies were turning their back on it.


Four decades ago, business analysts were meeting together to discuss the future fate of this once proud city. They were all in agreeance that the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey would not survive. They said that there were four fatal wounds that New Brunswick was facing. The first fatal wound was a shrinking of the family community. The second fatal wound was a desertion by the middle class. The third fatal wound was a decreasing job market. The fourth fatal wound was conflict between the leaders.


Sam Boraie began working on all four of these wounds. He began by working on the first wound by utilizing the power of churches and nonprofits. He knew that these organizations were better apt to change the social atmosphere in New Brunswick. He met with the various leaders and offered them a gift. If they would organize various events that strengthen the family, Omar Boraie would fund everything so that the church and nonprofit could do it free of cost.


Omar Boraie also worked on growing the middle class. Now that the family atmosphere was good, Omar Boraie only had to help the middle class professional. He did this by building high class real estate. Omar Boraie then turned around and sold this for a lower class price. This allowed upstart professionals to give the illusion of prestige and power. You can check out their website



Omar Boraie also took the time necessary to stabilize a dying job market. He knew that people were leaving the city to find jobs. He began working with the largest corporations in the area to make it a better place to conduct business. After giving the large corporations tax breaks, they were able to hire more workers and Biltmore factories.


Omar Boraie ended his time in New Brunswick by uniting all the leaders together underneath one vision. Prior to his arrival, the various leaders were at each other’s throats. Everyone was fighting for a piece of the small money pie that New Brunswick had in its treasury. Omar Boraie United their visions under the single goal of growing this great city. When ever a nonprofit achieve their goal New Brunswick would grow. Visit