Malcolm CasSelle igniting the world of gaming through his company

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins a virtual game asset that is leading globally, and on the planet, it’s the one that’s resulting in the bitcoin merchant. With it, it’s followed with users worldwide that deal with them, and for the firm, it’s a candidate when it comes to the size in the market and the decentralized protocol it’s of user demand.

There is a new launch that is expected to happen by the creator of OPSkins, and that is the launch of the new blockchain platform that will help with the virtual asset trading, named World Asset eXchange. Its P2P marketplace that will be used in the selling of the virtual assets that are built on a foundation. The foundation of blockchain and what still makes the contracts that will give buyers and sellers a chance of having a platform that will assist in the trading of virtual assets.

Currently, the job that Malcolm CasSelle deals with is him being the president of world Asset eXchange. Prior to him joining WAX, he offered his services to Tronc and CTO as the president of the companies. There are so many things that he oversaw while at tronc that helped the company a lot in growing, one of the known something that he managed is that he was the one that was actively involved with that digital assets.

The experience that has when it comes to the trading of virtual assets he got while some of his friends and him dealt with the selling of assets. When he joined the firm he did not disappoint because just after two years there was a tremendous growth that was seen and they received the acceptance from the community. The services that blockchain has offered so far the people are the solving the fundamental issues.

Previously in the career path of Malcolm CasSelle, he offered his services to a company called MediaPass, the company was actively involved in the world of media that provided the services of digital subscription that did not have the funds to do it on their own. He attended the Stanford University and at MTI University that is the place that he finished the degree in computer science.