Jon Urbana is A Positive Influence On Future Lacrosse Players

Jon Urbana was a leading player for the Villanova Wildcats a few decades ago. During that time he received several awards for his athletic ability on the lacrosse field. Jon Urbana is an example of a man that turned his success on the lacrosse field into a lifetime success with his other numerous endeavors like his charity work, flying interests, and impressive photography work. Today, Jon Urbana is taking time out to lend his talent and experience to future lacrosse players. Certainly, he has a very powerful and positive influence on these young athletes.

Young lacrosse players in Colorado are very lucky. They have a great former lacrosse champion to guide them on their journey to success. Jon Urbana is the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youths in Colorado. The kids learn from Jon Urbana and a number of other great lacrosse champions. Read more about the history of the camp and its business side at CrunchBase.

Jon Urbana grew up in one of the most beautiful states in the country. His years spent growing up in Denver, Colorado gave him a great appreciation for a clean environment. He realized that it is important to take steps to preserve the beauty of the natural land in the country. Jon Urbana launched a popular GoFundMe Campaign to support the non-profit group Earth Force. Their goals is to raise $1,750 dollars. All funds go to the non-profit organization. Go here for more information.

On a clear day, you might see Urbana soaring in an airplane over the Denver landscape. He is a pilot and really enjoys flying. In fact, the FAA regards, Jon Urbana as a positive example of an individual that has met or exceeded the standards that were established by the FAA.

Jon Urbana is an avid photographer and has a deep interest in collecting photographs of cute young animals and babies. Check out some of his great photographs that he has collected and shares on Instagram pages for visitors across the world.