How You Can Benefit From VTA Publications

If you’ve ever felt like a “little guy” in the world, Jim Hunt knows how you feel. He worked in the banking industry for years and described it as the worst job he ever had. Jim saw how the banks treated their customers and made money using secret techniques on Jim wanted the average person to have the same advantage as the big banks did, so he founded VTA Publications and created distance learning courses. These courses teach the same techniques banks use to make big money on the stock market. Obviously, financial institutions aren’t too happy about this, but Jim Hunt doesn’t care. He doesn’t want people to be cheated out of the knowledge to make a significant amount of money.

Putting His Mum’s Money On The Line
Jim knew there would be skepticism about his courses on VTA Publications. After all, there are a lot of course out about how to invest on the internet, and many of them are pure rubbish. However, he went one step further and created the “Make Mum A Millionaire” project on Using the same information available in his courses, and beginning with 1,000 British Pounds, he invested money with the goal of earning 1,000,000 tax-free British Pounds. He is documenting the project on Youtube so people can follow along with his progress. All of the techniques he uses are available from his courses at VTA Publications.

Happy With His Past and Future.
Jim was interviewed by Ideamensch magazine and asked if there were anything about his past he would change. He said everything he experienced in the past had led him to his success today. His mistakes were lessons that led to successes. So why change any of that?