Herbalife Nutrition is Bringing Awareness to the Importance of Blood Donations

Herbalife Nutrition has been working alongside the American Red Cross for decades. Because of their combined efforts, many have been able to get a second chance at life. Herbalife Nutrition has just recently made yet another generous donation of their Protein Deluxe Bars to 120 blood donation centers run by the American Red Cross. They have donated over 280,000 board for the cause which totals about half a million dollars.

Herbalife is well-known for their Formula 1 protein shakes and Herbalife24 sports products, but they are becoming well-known for their efforts to assist the American Cross and humanitarian efforts as well.

Herbalife Nutrition bars are packed full of nutritious vitamins such as vitamin B6 and riboflavin which are important in the production of red blood cells that are lost once a blood donation is made. Those bars are more than a nutritious snack, but they also serve as a thank you to those who’ve taken time out of their day to make a blood donation.

Herbalife is always willing to help, and they were there when the California fires devastated the lives of so many and they were also there after the hurricanes hit in the southeastern region of the United States.

The employees at Herbalife Nutrition understand just how valuable donating blood is and Herbalife Nutrition encourages them as well as their distributors to donate blood regularly or when they can.

Dr. Dana Ryan, Director at Herbalife Nutrition, knows firsthand the importance of blood donations. She needed a blood transfusion after she had complications with her surgery. She describes giving blood as giving life and encourages everyone to donate blood if and when they can. It may not seem like that much of a deal but to someone out there, but it is. By donating blood, you can quite literally save a life.

Herbalife Nutrition has well over 8,000 employees and millions of customers. They also have over three million Independent distributors who are on board with their mobilizing effort of blood donations.

The Herbalife Family Foundation has helped to provide the essentials to many families in need, and they collected donations to be used towards shelter, food, clothes and clean water for those who needed it the most. Herbalife Nutrition and the American Red Cross have combined their efforts in order to do a greater good, and they share many of the same values and principles.