Get Quality Lung Stem Cell Treatment at The Lung Institute

Lung Institute aims at giving patients with chronic respiratory diseases quality holistic treatment by utilizing the patient’s stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy. The Institute improve the patient’s quality of life and ability to breathe easier. At the Institute, we understand the need of providing our patients with quality health care unique to their situation. We offer unique treatments to chronic lung diseases by first screening the patient while putting considerations to their medical history and their current condition.

Lung Institute is equipped with experienced physicians that have gained expertise in their designated areas. The skills of the doctors make the Institute gain global recognition for successful application of the minimally invasive stem cell therapies. Long time operation in the medical field enables the physicians to establish a high-quality patient treatment, safety, and quality healthcare. People with chronic lung infections can now get quality treatment that would allow them to enjoy their favorite activities. After treatment, patients do not need to use oxygen to support breathing.

The doctor at the Lung Institute, Jack Coleman, Jr., will present at the Third International Congress the Stem Cell Treatment Therapy. The event held in Italy is aimed at discussing the future of application of stem cells in the treatment of chronic lung ailments. At the Institute, we use cell transplants from the patient and platelet-rich-plasma to enhance healing of the damaged lung tissue. The stem transplant designed for outpatients improve a quality of life by helping them to breathe easier. More information on stem cell treatment available at

The treatment harnesses the essential maintenance characteristic of the stem cells. We withdraw stem cells from the patients then separate them from blood and bone marrow. The doctors then re-introduce treated stem cells into the body where they rest in the lungs enhancing natural healing and reduction of inflammation. People with chronic lung diseases have no energy to enjoy their favorite activities. However, after treatment, the quality of life would be elevated enabling them to spend time with their loved ones. There are an abundance of therapy options available and if you want to learn more, contact the patient coordinators and schedule a consultation.

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