With the much anticipated Black- Friday, mobile devices and free services customers have a reason to smile with the early offers from freedom pop. The company is running a Motorola E Smartphone for its clients who sigh for the service through the Nov 27. The device is at its lowest discount of $40. The other devices under the black Friday offer are Samsung Smartphone Galaxy s4 from $100 only. It gives the device a massive $ 350 discount.

Although the devices are not the latest models and are refurbished, it’s a huge save for consumers. They have a support for LTE services running the sprints domestic network. The devices also come with a free one-month calling and text messaging free offer. Included in the price are 500 MB of data and an extra 500 calling minutes.

The FreedomPop company was launched in 2002 and has grown its customer base to over 1 million in the last year. It plans to expand its Smartphone portfolio from the Intel capital. The company plans to launch the Wi-Fi model in the early next year. The device will run on Intel Sofia platform and fetch up to $10 million investment from the Axiata group. The Axiata group has costumers all over the world exceeding 230 million. The majority are in India and its neighboring country.

The freedom pop up company is also keen in expanding its operations to a commercial partnership. Currently, the company has specialized in whole sale market in the United States. It has already begun negotiations with several global carriers with an aim of engaging a strategic partnership. Some of the companies include the DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Stephen Stokols confirmed in correspondence with the Rerwiress journal the firm’s plans. He was positive that FreedomPop is headed in the right direction in identifying new opportunities for investment. He also declined to comment on the future sale of the company. Mr. Stephen hinted out that several companies have proposed to a merger or acquire freedom pop. The company’s management decided that it was still premature to sell the company. It has experienced exponential growth in the last year, and it’s worth adding more effort to see it is the success. The company management is confident that the company will increase its market value in the next two years. The article is recapped from the link