Freedom Pop: Running to the Top of the Global Charts

FreedomPop is back at it again! With their new global hotspot in ranking, FreedomPop is now offering its users free data after purchasing their new mobile hotspot device. The device is currently set at $49.99 and offers 200 MBs of free data. This data can be used for any of your mobile devices and is not just limited to the new global hotspot. For an additional $10, you can increase your data, getting a total of 500 MBs. Freedom Pop’s global hotspot is so far supporting 25 different countries and plans on expanding their coverage to more than 40 countries before the year is over.

Originally reported on Recode, FreedomPop has been raising money to continue their expanded growth. With more than $50 million raised, Freedom pop is expanding its growth out to Europe, Asia, and South America. This news comes after they originally raised $30 million six months ago. This new round of funding is a sure fire way of supporting their customers and allowing them to gain access to free internet. With such a high revenue of money acquired in such a little amount of time, Freedom Pop is on its way to being at the top of the service global providers.,2817,2498185,00.asp

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