Don Ressler Continues To Build His Dynasty

Don Ressler is not just some young, good-looking entrepreneur. He is a serious businessman with a lot of smarts and even more savvy.

Like his partner, Adam Goldenberg, he acquired businesses at a very young age. Ressler’s first company was called He started it as a teen, and within a few short years, he was able to sell it and make a huge profit. In 2001, he met and teamed up with Goldenberg. Together they created several online e-commerce companies. After selling their company Intermix, it was time to branch into other areas.

Don Ressler wanted some autonomy, so he sought to build a company that would meet his needs. After a bit of brainstorming, Don Ressler came up with Intelligent Beauty. After a few months, he found that the direct-to-customer platform was the most lucrative way to make money. He went on to create the cosmetics and skincare line Dermstore.

Ressler wasn’t finished yet. Ressler and Goldenberg brought in a crew of marketing experts and a physician to help create SENSA. This weightloss product was one of the most popular and lucrative e-commerce ventures to come around in a long time.

The next company JustFab is a highly successful online retailer. Bringing in Phat Farm and Baby Phat CEO as creative director really gave the company a boost. Membership of JustFab increased by 30 percent after she joined the group. The momentum carried over to other ventures, including a children’s line. The company has now expanded to the U.K.

Ressler’s next venture was Shoe Dazzle. The online subscription service charges $39.99 per month. It has also been highly-successful and lucrative.

Ressler and Goldenberg’s latest sports and active wear site Fabletics may turn out to be the most successful business yet. The duo partnered with actress Kate Hudson to create the business. Hudson is the face of the company and models many of the selection. The goal of Fabletics was to produce active wear for the everyday woman at an affordable price. The company is making money hand over fists. Ressler says they plan to add more items in the future.