Coriant Hires Shaygan Kheradpir To Lead The Company Into The Future

Coriant is a network management and ownership firm that has been selling data and airtime to companies around the world for quite some time, but the firm wants to break into the cell phone and digital communication retail market. Coriant’s plan to offer devices and plans to customers requires strong leadership, and Shaygan Kheradpir is the only person for the job. This article explains how Shaygan will help Coriant move into the future with his unique industry expertise.

#1: Shaygan Has Seen The Beginnings Of A Large Company

Shaygan Kheradpir was with GTE Labs when the company slowly became Verizon, and he was put in charge of a production team that released new cell phones every 30 days. His production tactics made Verizon a powerful voice in the cell phone industry, and much of what Shaygan did made its way to the public faster than the competition. Shaygan can easily introduce his own production tactics at Coriant as CEO, and the company will have a range of products that are ready for retail sale or use.

#2: Coriant Has A Unique Opportunity

New cell phone providers that come out of nowhere tend to do well with younger people, and Shaygan understands how to appeal to young audiences. Verizon was once the cell phone company of the youth of the world, and Shaygan was responsible for the products that young people purchased from Verizon. Coriant could become a new Verizon under his leadership, and the youth of the world could quickly become fans of a brand new cell phone provider.

#3: Coriant Has The Network Capacity

Coriant has the network capacity needed to help keep their customers happy, and the company wants to use its own resources to create a new way to talk, text and surf the Internet. Everyone who enjoys working with new companies will Coriant quite appealing. Shaygan wants to maximize the appeal of a brand new company as much as possible, and he will work with the board of directors to position Coriant properly on the market.

The Coriant board of directors has hired the right man in Shaygan Kheradpir to lead their company. Shaygan knows how to create better products, appeal to the right customers and provide better service to every customer. Coriant will help create more competition on the cell phone market, and Shaygan’s creations will become some of the most popular phones or tablets in history.