Cambria Estate Winery: The Pinnacle of Winemaking

Julia JacksonWhen it comes to successful winemaking brands/companies, there are numerous organizations around the world. The United States is home to one of the best, and it is known as Cambria Estate Winery. Cambria Estate Winery is revolutionizing the game with its eclectic mix of fine wines. The organization was founded by Barbara Banke, and she has deep roots that tie within this industry. Barbara Bank was the wife of the late Jess Jackson, a winemaking extraordinaire. Their company, Jackson Family Wines, has become a staple in vinification thanks to their copious amounts of wineries, expertise and capabilities.The couple’s children grew up around the business, and the children would actually do some of the work from a young age. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, has grown into one of the most important figures here.

Born in 1988, Julia would go on to follow in her mother’s footsteps while maintaining her father’s hard work ethic. This was instilled into all of the children, and they’ve stuck with these principles to this very day. Julia works as a representative, a salesman and a proprietor for the company. Thanks to her bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College, she has been able to design certain wine bottles as well as design the company’s website. Though she wasn’t neceJulia Jacksonssarily interested in the business at a young age, Julia is now fully committed, and she loves every aspect of it.Being so similar to her mother, Julia opened a non-profit organization known as Seeds of Empowerment. Cambria Estate Winery has produced winners in the board room and in the actual field of work. Its Element Pinot Noir is a favorite amongst many people thanks to its spices and dark cherry taste. This estate is leading by example as it continues to raise the bar while setting newer trends.

Skilled Talent Selection by Julie Zuckerberg

Through social media, the internet has continued to stash several options for job seekers to land their dream jobs. The options can be beneficial and unpredictably confusing. With hundreds of online recruiting companies consistently penetrating the market, boards, and job postings online, a job seeker may find it challenging to settle for a credible recruiter. Head hunting may also challenge a company. That is why it is vital for both parties to rely on a reliable recruiter. A recruiter offers many benefits in the market. An astute recruiter is diligent, self-motivated, charismatic, professional and all rounded. Such are the qualities of Julie Zuckerberg.
Talent Acquisition
The world cheers Julie Zuckerberg for her outstanding professionalism in acquiring, recruiting, training and monitoring expertise in various fields. She is the head of talent acquisition at the Deutsche Bank, based in New York. Since 2014, Julie has served the bank through recruiting top talent in the management team, training professionals, and chairing the salaries negotiation processes. Since her placement in the firm, Julie has conducted several coaching lessons for various recruiters who work for the Deutsche Bank. She also guides leadership in addition to executive committees. When she was appointed the head of talent acquisition at the Deutsche Bank, Julie oversaw general relations undertaking. She also chaired all contracts and governance.
Deutsche Bank
Julie’s career as a talent recruiter dates back to 10 years ago. Before her employment at the Deutsche Bank, she was an employee at an insurance company called New York Life. Julie was the vice president of New York Life Insurance. She geared the firm towards recruitment and coordination of the management. Her core roles revolved around client satisfaction.
The talent recruiter also served at Citi as the vice president and lead recruiter. Her services extended to six years. She was in charge of chairing negotiations for newly appointed executives. She was also involved in the sourcing of excellent employees for various branches in the world and guiding Citi on strategy implementation.
Career at Hudson
Working at Hudson in her first job, Julie was appointed the director of talent placement. She worked for five years with her roles centered on recruiting paralegals, casual workers, lawyers, and managers. Julie also recruited relievers as temporary employees. As a qualified lawyer, her skills were executed in the field of recruiting attorneys for Hudson. For financial institutions and corporations, Julie assisted Hudson in solving conflicts.
Julie Zuckerberg attended the Brooklyn College in New York City. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy. Julie advanced her studies in law at the New York. She is famous for her vast experience and professionalism in different fields of careers. Her extensive experience has equipped her with various skills in marketing, management, conflict resolution and team leadership. Apart from her career in talent acquisition, Julie has participated in human rights and animals campaigns. She commits to giving back to the society. To Julie, humanity controls the world. She draws strength from selecting the best for employers and empowering the best to achieve.

Helane Morrison: Major Executive At Hall Capital And Former SEC Enforcer

In a day when many investment advisors and hedge fund managers have come under scrutiny, one individual has stayed committed to doing things the right way. That person is Helane Morrison, the current General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners. She worked at the San Francisco branch of the SEC for 9 years enforcing finance and securities laws, and helping to prosecute some big firms. She helped win cases against stock back-dating, fraud and insider trading against some pharmaceutical companies and large corporations such as Franklin Resources. Prior to that she had been in private law practice.


Helane Morrison was originally the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review, a journal she worked for while attending law school at the University of California at Berkley. Morrison started in the legal field by clerking at the US Court of Appeals in the seventh circuit for Richard Posner, and then for US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. In 1986, she joined the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in San Francisco where she started her endeavors to bring down financial criminals. She litigated both civil and criminal cases and started bringing bad actors to justice. Morrison became a partner at the firm in 1996.


Not long after becoming partner, the SEC hired her to work at their San Francisco office. She even became the spokesperson for that division when interviewed by the media. She moved from legal enforcer to District Administrator, and eventually Regional Director by the time she resigned from her post. She decided she wanted to go to Hall Capital Partners, not only because she had the opportunity to join a major wealth management firm, but because she was pleased with the leadership there.


Hall Capital Partners is one of a few financial firms whose CEO and Managing Partners are females, and Morrison certainly takes pride in changing public perception about female financial managers. But she also has been on a mission to show the public there are still firms out there like Hall Capital who value strong ethics and transparency with investing and not simply profiting off of gains or losses. Her resolve has grown since the financial crisis of 2008, and Hall Capital has continued to bring in assets under management even in the years following.