Cambria Estate Winery: The Pinnacle of Winemaking

Julia JacksonWhen it comes to successful winemaking brands/companies, there are numerous organizations around the world. The United States is home to one of the best, and it is known as Cambria Estate Winery. Cambria Estate Winery is revolutionizing the game with its eclectic mix of fine wines. The organization was founded by Barbara Banke, and she has deep roots that tie within this industry. Barbara Bank was the wife of the late Jess Jackson, a winemaking extraordinaire. Their company, Jackson Family Wines, has become a staple in vinification thanks to their copious amounts of wineries, expertise and capabilities.The couple’s children grew up around the business, and the children would actually do some of the work from a young age. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, has grown into one of the most important figures here.

Born in 1988, Julia would go on to follow in her mother’s footsteps while maintaining her father’s hard work ethic. This was instilled into all of the children, and they’ve stuck with these principles to this very day. Julia works as a representative, a salesman and a proprietor for the company. Thanks to her bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College, she has been able to design certain wine bottles as well as design the company’s website. Though she wasn’t neceJulia Jacksonssarily interested in the business at a young age, Julia is now fully committed, and she loves every aspect of it.Being so similar to her mother, Julia opened a non-profit organization known as Seeds of Empowerment. Cambria Estate Winery has produced winners in the board room and in the actual field of work. Its Element Pinot Noir is a favorite amongst many people thanks to its spices and dark cherry taste. This estate is leading by example as it continues to raise the bar while setting newer trends.

Woman in Power- Maggie Gill

There is no room for discussion when talking about health issues. Being healthy is very significant in our day to day activities. Another big issue is women in power and more specifically the medical industry. There are very few women who hold top positions in the health industry, and the few have made significant changes in the industry.

Maggie Gill is among the top women who have been serving in the health sector for the longest time now. Maggie Gill joined Memorial University Medical Center and was appointed as the Vice President of finance and managed care in 2004. Maggie is one parson who is very passionate about people and their wellbeing. Her hard work and devotion led him to another top position in the institution. Maggie was elected the Chief Operating Officer in 2005, and in 2011 Maggie was named the Presidqqent and the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health.

Maggie’s leadership position has given her the opportunity to provide leadership to all Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, as well as physicians at Memorial University Medical Center. Maggie plays a major role in the management and leadership of the medical institution as she has been responsible for internal audits, government relations, physicians’ relations, orthopedics and neuroscience programs, the heart and vascular institute, government relations, facilities management, and trauma services.

Before joining Memorial University Medical Center, Maggie Gill served at Tenet South Florida Health System. Gill has been making endless efforts to improve the medical industry something that has seen her receive the Tenet outstanding Chief Financial Officer of the year three times. During her term at Tenet Maggie worked at Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Fla, North shore Medical Center in Miami, and Coral Cables Hospital. Maggie Gill is a graduate of Florida University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree with honors and MBA holder from Saint Leo University in Florida.

Memorial University Medical Center is a general hospital in Savanna GA. Memorial University Medical Center is also a teaching institution. The medical institution offers managed care and contracting services for health systems with third party administrators, insurers, fully funded, and self-funded employers. Since its establishment in 1996, the medical institute has been distributing inclusive provider network and a full selection of value added services for self-insured employers.

Memorial University Medical Center has more than 15 hospitals in more than 29 counties in South East Georgia and South California. The medical institution is built on strong basis of professionally, and focuses on their clients.