Working Two Days To Save Power

Those who live in Venezuela like Mr. Danilo Diaz, now have a 2-day work week. This is just one more step that the government has put in place to try to save electricity and money in the country. This applies to public employees more than it does those who work in private businesses and those who are in the school system. The reason behind the short work week is because there hasn’t been enough water in the region to supply the energy that is needed for residents and businesses. Water levels are at a near minimum because of the lack of rain. Earlier in April, workers were given a 3-day weekend. These efforts didn’t help in saving power, so Nicolas Maduro ordered only a short time ago. The good thing is that workers will be compensated for the time that they aren’t working. Some of the people who are off on the weekends are waiting in lines to buy food or sitting at home, scrolling facebook and watching TV, which is not saving any kind of electricity at all.