Cancers Treatment Centers of America- Giving Modified Treatment to Cancer Patients

In the recent years the rate of prostate cancer among men has risen alarmingly, and in to increase the disease awareness and encourage on early screening three essential groups have collaborated. The groups include the America Cancer Treatment Centers, the Alumni of National Football League and LabCorp. Their main agenda is to educate men on the dangerous of prostate cancer and benefits of early screening. More than 1750 locations within the United States will hold the free detection of Prostate Specific Antigen offered by LabCorp.

The Screening is advisable for men who are more than 40 years of age. After the screening of the first batch of 2000 men, the other eligible men have the liberty to book for the test at low-priced rates of twenty-five dollars. The price is only applicable during the screening period, and the tests must be done within six months after sighing up. According to studies one in every eight in their lifetime are diagnosed with prostate cancer with 2017 having more than 161,360 new cases.

The Cancers Treatment Centers of America started in 1988 with its main aim is to offer patient-centered and personalized treatment approach to its patients. The center’s mission is providing a combination of personally tailored cancer treatments that cater for each uniquely. The center has the latest high-tech technologies that offer informed and evidenced supportive therapies. It has a genomic tumor assessment that targets side effects related to cancer treatments to provide comprehensive services all delivered by cancer professionals.
Inherent in its latest integrative approach with a personalized commitment to medicine, genomic testing, tapping breakthroughs in various cancer screenings. And precision cancer treatment makes the Cancers Treatment Centers of America an exclusive center for drug and reliable procedure. The center has nurses, oncologists and other clinical experts who offer various levels of expertise to different individual cancer patients.

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An Insight into the Mighty Fortress Church

The Mighty Fortress Church is well organized to mold Christians in the appropriate ways. It has broadened Christian knowledge and has deepened their relationship with Christ. Moreover, the church has exposed Christians to meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the members of the society. The International church has changed peoples’ lives through Bible teachings and worship. In their great mission to ensure a winning Christian way of living, Mighty Fortress church has adopted modern ways of worship and offered relevant messages to their Church members.

Mighty Fortress Church Atmosphere and what to Expect of the Church
Most people do not attend churches for being turned off by unfavorable church atmospheres. Conversely, in the Mighty Fortress Church, you will have an excellent worshiping and praising atmosphere to encourage you to engage in all activities of the church. They believe that every member of the church should contribute and partake in the Christ body.

Besides this, worshiping has become their norm to build and encourage all believers on a weekly basis. In their dedication and commitment to God, the church has a firm belief of receiving blessings as well as spiritual refreshment. The Mighty Fortress Church has a strong team of a choir that will bring your presence much closer to God.

Bishop Thomas Williams has served the church for more than 30 years in various capacities of the Body of Christ. The founder of the Mighty Fortress Church, Bishop Williams focus on emphasizing the application of knowledge and wisdom in the Bible. He is an alumnus of the Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa and holds a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Mass Communication from the North Central University in Minneapolis.

Leading Churches in Minnesota

Minnesota is blessed with top and beautiful churches. This includes Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church that was built in 1916 and has English Rural Gothic architecture. It was once discovered as the second tallest structure in Minneapolis due to its pointed middle spire. Other prominent churches in Minnesota include the Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier founded on 1909 and the St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul that has a colorful clay roof tiles.

The History Of Highland Capital Management And Its Expansion Into Asia

As an alternative assets investment company, Highland Capital Management, L.P., has offered its financial products to clients for more than 20 years. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and over the years has developed into a global company. The co-founders of the company were Mark Okada and James Dondero who had established the company in a partnership with Protective Life Insurance Company.
Established in 1993, Highland Capital Management was very successful early on, in particular with collateralized loan obligations which at the time were a new asset class. This success led to Okada and Dondero buying out Protective Life Insurance Company’s share in the company in 1997. Originally named Protective Asset Management Company, they renamed it as Ranger Asset Management, L.P. The next year, 1998, they renamed it again to its present name.
Highland Capital Management grew greatly in 2004 when it started offering mutual funds managed by them. To facilitate this they had bought to floating rate funds from another financial services company, Columbia Asset Management. Another big accomplishment at Highland Capital Management occurred in 2008 when they entered Asia, opening offices in Singapore. Three years later they opened another office in Seoul, South Korea.
In May of 2017, the company’s subsidiary, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., created a healthcare-focused private equity fund. It was established with almost $150 million in capital commitments. The main investor in the fund is the South Korea National Pension Service. The fund is focused on the stock of healthcare industry companies that are headquartered in the United States, China, and South Korea. The fund is being co-managed between Highland Capital Management Korea and Stonebridge Capital.
At Highland Capital Management, they believe it is important to be a positive force in the broader community. The management of the company has been involved in a number of philanthropic pursuits. They have provided over $10 million to various charities such as The Family Place in Dallas, Texas, which helps those who are escaping domestic violence situations. James Dondero has also offered his expertise by serving on the Executive Board for the Cox School of Business which is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

An overview of Beautiful Churches in Minnesota Including the Mighty Fortress Church

The Amazingly Beautiful Minnesota churches including the Mighty Fortress Church

Numerous churches in Minnesota have old and historic architectures. They are characterized by their uniqueness and simplicity. Most churches are ranked according to the way they are designed. The following are the exceedingly valued churches in Minnesota;

Cathedral of St. Paul is the leading church in Minnesota. It has the incredible building in the state, and it is the third largest in the United States of America. It has an outstanding structure, model and the architecture of it is on is filled with classical themes and features.

Church of the sacred heart, Freeport is the second beautiful church in Minnesota state and Freeport town. It is outstanding due to its interior designing. Church of sacred heart is beautifully designed in a way that one can’t help but admire it.

Basilica of St Mary is a church that was built in the early centuries in Minneapolis. It is correctly and wonderfully detailed. It is big that it manages to host music festivals every summer. The church also supports local charities in the town of Minnesota.

Mighty Fortress Church is a place where Christians go to experience transformation and significant change to their lives through Bible study and worship services. It also a place where Christians can know the real Christ and find their inner peace.

The atmosphere at Mighty Fortress Church encourages and uplifts Christians to enjoy the experience. This means it is a big and quiet place for soul-searching. Worship services offered is the key thing in the church. It encourages and inspires Christians, and it gives room for Christians to express their gratefulness to God freely.

Mighty Fortress Church also delivers the word of God to the Christians. The word of God is set to encourage Christians to lead holy victorious, happy and healthy lives. The church welcomes everyone in the community regardless culture and race.

Mighty Fortress Church is led by a powerful man known Bishop T.R. Williams. Bishop T.R Williams has served the Mighty Fortress Church for over three decades leading to its global recognition. Bishop Williams preaches mostly on the relevance of knowledge and wisdom. He is the founder and the president of the mighty fortress church. He also supports Christian groups and outreach ministries.

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Mighty Fortress Church Among Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to many beautiful churches, from modern and updated, to historical and unique. One of the most remote of these churches, is Stella Marie Chapel on St. John’s University Campus, outside St. Cloud. This Romanesque-style of architecture was built in 1915 by the Benedictine monks of St. John’s Abby. The church is only reachable by either canoeing across Lake Sagatagan or by a mile long hike, as the church sits on a former island turned peninsula.

In Moorhead, Minnesota, sitting in a beautiful green park on the Red River banks, you will find The Hopperstad Stave Church. This church was built in 1998, to be a replica of a Stave church in Vik, Norway, and features a very intricate wood-carved interior. There is also Viking ship located on the premises, inside the interpretive center of the Moorhead’s Hjemkomst Heritage Center.

In downtown St. Paul, stands the cathedral of St. Paul. Modeled after the french churches in Paris, the cathedral is the third largest church in America, and features an 186 foot high dome at it’s center.

Also in Minneapolis, you will find another beautiful church, called Mighty Fortress International. Mighty Fortress welcomes people to come as you are. They want church to be an enjoyable experience, and have developed a sensitive and loving atmosphere, that accepts all races and cultures.

Lives are radically changed at Mighty Fortress International, through practical Bible Teaching and authentic worship. Every person is important there, and you can receive God’s blessings and inspiration, while building meaningful and lasting relationships, with believers just like you.

The Senior Pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries is Bishop Thomas R. Williams. The vision of The Bishop’s Ministry focuses on powerful worship and practically applying the Word of God. Bishop Williams has been actively serving in the Body of Christ, for over 30 years. He believes strongly in the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that you find God’s Word, and he has been called an apostolic and prophetic voice of this age. The Bishop is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he and his wife, Mrs. Sabrina R. Grant-Williams, have been blessed with three children.