Thousands Of American Taxpayers Set To Benefit From The Freedom Checks Program

Freedom Checks program is the new song most Americans are now singing. For many years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have eagerly waited for this time to come. The time has finally come when those who have voluntarily contributed to the Checks program will now put a smile on their faces thanks to the over $34.6 billion that has been released to investors’ accounts in the month of June. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


Although the money is already in various individual investor accounts, there are those who still hold that this is just but a waste of time. Critics argue that receiving a payout of about $30, 000 after 5 or 10 years investment is not worth it. But they are wrong especially if you look at what some of the beneficiaries say. For instance, Mike Reed, a resident of Golden in Colorado says that it’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. He concedes that at one point, her felt disappointed. He almost stopped contributing to the kitty. His resilience has now paid. He is so far the highest-paid investor in the Checks. Mr. Reed will receive $160, 923. Doug Smith is another beneficiary of the program. Freedom Checks will award this 46-year-old man from Joplin, Missouri a sum of $24, 075. Doug says, “Nothing is as sweet as investing. Whatever small one has will become big if they invest. Thanks to Freedom Checks, I am now a happy man.” The last example is a 57-year-old who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lisa Luhrman will receive a total of $66, 570.


Whatever the case, these guys are happy that they are going to use the money in what they have sacrificed for a long time. But even as these Checks seems a juicy thing, there are those who may not realize its full potential. According to Matt Badiali, a Freedom Checks champion, if a member in one way or another did not follow certain rules and regulations, they are going to receive a payout but it is not what they should have receive.



Statute 26-F, a legislation that was passed in 1981 and later revised in 1987 has a number of requirements that each contributor must observe. Matt says that it has not been easy for some contributors to fully follow the laid-down regulations. For instance, Matt says that it is a must for members to remit savings each month. While this may not be cast on stone the US Congress passed that regulation with a foresight. The Checks champion asks members to read and understand the legislation. For the Freedom Checks to effect its payout, there has to be 90 percent revenue collection from all the registered members. This is not an easy thing knowing that members come from all walks life across the U.S. Read more about Freedom Checks at