Rick Smith’s Role in revolutionizing the Prisons Industry

Rick Smith is a top professional in the telecommunication sector. He currently acts as the CEO and president of a for-profit company that is known as Securus Technologies. Smith has led the firm to develop leading technologies that are used in protecting societies across the United States. The products that the company has developed are used in preventing criminal activities in prisons and the free world. Rick has been working in the telecommunications sector for the past four decades, and he joined Securus Technologies in 2008.Before 2008, Rick Smith had worked for different companies. He was an employee of Eschelon Technologies and held various positions at the firm. As from 1998, Smith was the CFO of the company and held the position until March 2000. His outstanding performance made it easy for him to be promoted to be the COO of the company in 1999 and its president in 2000. The company made Smith CEO in 2003. He left the firm in 2008 but still acts as a member of its board.

Before being employed by Eschelon Telecom, Smith worked as the VP of financial management at the Frontier Corporation. The telecommunication expert served the company for two decades and held top offices in different departments. Some of the positions that the firm offered him include being the chief information officer, Midwest Telephone Operation’s VP, the president of Frontier Information Technologies, a financial controller. Smith was given an opportunity to serve as a board member at Securus Technologies in 2008. The company’s board voted him to take over its chairmanship in 2009. Smith is an electrical engineer who got his degree and associate degree in the field from the State University of New York and the Rochester Institute of Technology respectively. He also enrolled for an MBA at the institution before joining the Brockport-based State University of New York to pursue his masters in mathematics. His academic accomplishments have enabled him to be successful in his career.

At Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has been striving to develop top-notch technologies that can make operations at correctional facilities efficient. The company has also created excellent products that make it easy for inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones who are in the outside world. Securus Technologies has employed various safety measures to ensure that its products are not used by the inmates in re-offending. These precautions make sure the prisoners and the general public are safe. The technology company currently connects people through both audio and video calls. Richard has been working closely with the scientists at his enterprise to ensure that they come up with products that can simplify the work of officers at correctional facilities. The firm has one of the best patent portfolios in the prisons industry.

Wessex Conferences Supplement the Institute’s Ongoing Drive to Address Current Issues

To supplement the programs offered at the Wessex Institute of Technology, the facility holds several conferences throughout the year. The conferences are part of the Institute’s ongoing mission to provide a link between the professional and academic worlds.

Each conference addresses an issue of current concern, which could encompass anything from global warming to urban development. While the Institute itself is located in the UK’s scenic region of Southampton, the conferences are often held in cities located in countries such as Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Visitors to the Wessex Institute of Technology’s website will be able to view the scheduled topics for both the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The 2017 conferences are scheduled to begin in mid-April with topics covering subjects such as the Repair and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture and Sustainable Development and Planning. Many of the topics discussed in the 2017 conferences are continuations of issues from previous years.



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