Everything You Need to Know About Fantasy Sports League

Fantasy sports league is a type of virtual game where the participants acting as managers, assemble virtual squads based on real players of a particular professional sport. The managers then compete against each other based on real time statistics generated by the real players. The managers can sign, cut or trade the players as is the case with the real sport.

How it Works

At the start of every season, managers are expected to select their dream squad with the goal being to select athletes with the most profound performances. The managers choose the players based on statistical information provided by the site. This information enables the managers to choose the best possible players for their teams.

Types of Leagues

There are three types of leagues namely;

  1. Re-draft

In this league, owners choose their teams from scratch at the start of every season.

  1. Keeper

In this type of league, the players can keep a certain number of players for the next season.

iii. Dynasty

In this type of league, the players can keep the entire team for the next season.

DRAFT involves playing fantasy leagues for monetary winnings. Players enter tournaments and are matched to play head to head where the winners get paid. Withdrawals equaling ten dollars or above can be made anytime on their site and are processed within forty-eight hours.

Fantasy Football Rankings : Road to WR1

Martavis Bryant has shown some significant improvement recently and is on the path to WR1. The fantasy football writers has predicted that Martavis Bryant to have a 55% chance to achieve the WR1 rank in the coming year. What is WR1 you may ask? Well, WR1 stands for “Wide Receiver #1”, and it means that he is the number one fantasy player for that position. A QB1 means the same thing, but instead of wide receiver it’s quarter back. Rankings are determined by how well the player does in specific tasks that correlate to their position. A quarter back could be ranked by the amount of touchdown passes, while a running back would be ranked on how much yards they have ran. Due to Martavis Bryant’s improvement in his skills, his ranking is suspected to increase in the coming up season.