Handy Home Services Continues To Grow

The world is a better place with on demand services like Handy available to us all without any delay. It was once a pain to have to find a reliable cleaning professional to come to your home or to make repairs on your home. Handy has taken away all the frustration in finding these professionals. It was a hassle to have to hand over cash to them or write checks when they were finished with their jobs, but Handy has taken care of that concern as well. The company was developed by two students from Harvard Business School, and it has since grown into a major trend in providing quality services to consumers. See, https://www.handy.com/services.

There are plenty of start up companies popping up all around the world, and many of those start up are coming from Silicon Valley, CA. Handy has a lot of competition in order to find funding and in order to find a secure foothold in the marketplace. The founders had strategies in place that guaranteed their success. However, they did not always agree about how to operate their business. Handy had competitors Mopp and Homejoy, as well as others, in their industry that made it difficult to find clients at first. However, they have found their niche, and they continue to grow.

The short article you have just read would not have been possible without the source material that was presented on Inc.com’s website. Inc.com is a valued news source for those interested in business and technology developments. The article Inc.com’s representative, Jeff Bercovici, wrote is a profile of Handy’s growth over the last few years since they have went from being a start up company to one of the biggest providers in the home service industry. You can view that article by going to this site.