The food manufacturing sector has been changing over the years. In the olden days, dogs ate raw meat which they hunted themselves. Today there are many companies started to cater for the dogs’ nutritional needs. Many businesses have seen an opportunity in the dog food sector, and the returns are good. Most of these companies investing in the dog food industry aim at pleasing their customers. The dog food companies such small gourmet dog food company have improved in their sales hitting an increase in profits of 37% last year according to Amazon. It is an encouragement to many people prospecting to invest in the dog food industry. The numbers are expected to be better this year. The new category of Dog food is primarily meant to be human edible. It is a new way to make sure our pets have high-quality feeds. The eat-like-your-owner strategy is proving successful, with sales of premium dog food having surged 45% to stand at $10.5 billion since 2009 and currently accounting for more than half of the market. Companies like Fresh Pet, who have maximized the quality of their dog food, reported profits in their last quarter. The Freshpet Company being the first to venture into refrigerated dog food has attracted many people with their quality dog food produce. Other companies bringing in profits and economic growth are Colgate-Palmolive and Beneful. Beneful Dog Food Company is one of the largest dog food companies. The company produces mostly dry food but also wet food. Their ingredients offer 100% balanced diet to the dog. Their produce is sold at affordable prices. They cater to the needs of all different types of dogs. It, in turn, attracts many customers and in the long run more profits. Beneful Dog Food Company include healthy ingredients such as spinach and carrots to add color and flavor to their food. The company ensures that every food has meat because dogs are carnivorous. Most of the customers always give positive feedback about the company’s produce. With good feedback, the company is able to attract many more pet owners.