Rocketship Education Achieves Success by Connecting Parents with Educators

The positive effects produced by the Rocketship Educational program can be seen in the type of headlines making news throughout the country. As an organization that encourages parent involvement, it is easy to see why some of these headlines capture the empowering stand parents take within their communities. The program from Rocketship Education is used to set higher goals within a network of charter schools that cater to the needs of children from low-income backgrounds. As such, the parents of these children are sometimes forced to take a stand to ensure the rights of their children are upheld within the educational system.

The objective of the team behind Rocketship Education is to ensure every child has a chance to succeed. The parents of these children also want to see them have more opportunities available in the future. The evidence for success within the Rocketship program can be seen in the positive progression of the students who attended some of the first schools opened within this network. Because of Rocketship’s initiative to make sure students from low-income families were equipped with the tools they needed to succeed, many graduates in the San Jose area have gone on to be accepted by colleges.

As a non-profit organization, the team at Rocketship takes a serious stand about the education their schools provide. They strive to bridge the gap of achievement between the students enrolled in high-performance schools and their charter schools. They do this by making sure their educators are in line with the goals and objectives of their program as well as with those of the parents and students.

Another news article highlighted the parents contributions in the creation of a new Rcoketship charter school in Washington, D.C. Not only do these parents appreciate having hands-on experience with the process of construction, they also appreciate the ability they have to help screen potential teachers. This allows the parents to get a feel for the way a teacher might approach the objectives put in place by the charter school network. The parent connection not only helps protect the mission of Rocketship Education, but also the futures of their children.