Alex Pall hitting the music industry with a storm.

Alex Pall is one of the upcoming DJ who did Djing as a hobby in New York City as he natured his career. He did that with passion one would think it was his full-time job yet it was a side hustle, and he said that being in the city he pursued something that one would think is a job however it was something he did for fun.


Alex’s dedication and committed made him be at an Art Gallery and in the process, he realized that dance music was becoming part of his life and so he wanted to give it to its best. Where Alex Pall made his daily fun dance music, he was also working with a manager who introduced him to Drew, he met him, and Alex realized that they had the same passion and so they started working together hand in hand. Later during his experiences, Alex quit his music career and moved down from Maine.


Alex and Drew worked together, and they all knew what that driven and motivated their ambitions. They observed what was going around them, what pulled them down, what worked and what never worked for them. Drew was a well-trained talented producer while Alex Pall was majorly dealing with DJ and this made their market growth.


As for the upcoming artist, they had to start work as early as 9 am to 7 pm to work mainly on music, and this made them not to treat what they did like a job but instead learn a lot from their experiences from the ground. Over the years they have discovered that they have the same core values that have helped them grow and this has pushed them even to work more hard to become the best artists it is the music that pays their bills.


Most people related their music on a deeper level as it is a journey of self-discovery. Alex and Andrew worked with their producers, and they give each other ideas about music, and this has also helped them increase the number of fans and have earned recognition worldwide.

 Desiree Perez Stands Strong at Tidal

Desiree Perez is someone that many music fans of Jay-Z may not know, but she is definitely starting to gain ground now that the music streaming service that Jay-Z purchased is growing. Desiree Perez is part of the circle of influence that has really helped Jay-Z build Tidal. She has done an excellent job when it comes to negotiating contracts for artists, and her work is giving Jay-Z the chance to truly compete as a true music streaming entrepreneur. In the early stages it was sort of unclear as to whether Jay-Z would have been able to do much with Tidal. It seemed like he was fighting an uphill battle when it came to connecting fans with a premium music streaming service. Desiree Perez would be the motivating factor that would give him a chance to build up the district service.

Desiree Perez is someone that can really help Jay-Z transform Tidal because she has already been able to help him with previous deals. He knows about her work experience because she has done a lot for Roc Nation Sports. This is a business endeavor that Jay-Z got into to work as a person that negotiated contract for athletes. Desiree Perez was the real influencer behind many of the negotiation deals that went down with Roc Nation Sports.

She is someone that knows numbers well, and she also knows how to make great deals. Jay-Z was very impressed with her skills during her work with Roc Nation, and he felt like it would work best for him to bring someone that could negotiate numbers well again when he decided to purchase Tidal. He has been able to make some very interesting decisions about the way that this company works, and it is all because of his help from Desiree Perez.