Brown Modeling Agency Is Founded and Presided Over By A Model

The best person to have in a leadership position is someone who has gone through the same experiences as those he is leading, and has come through the experiences successfully. Justin Brown, the founder and president of the Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas, is such a leader. He worked as a model throughout his college career, and then went on to found modeling agencies so that he could help other models start and grow their careers.

How Does Modeling Experience Help Brown Run His Agency?

Modeling is a demanding career that takes work and dedication. Brown started his own modeling career as a teen, and learned a great deal about what it takes to have a modeling career. Brown knows how important professionalism, dependability, and the right look can be for a modeling career. Because he has experienced the intricacies of the modeling business as a model himself, he can develop talent so that they have a better chance at being placed into a job. He and his staff of seven have over 450 clients whom they work with.

A Model’s Career Trajectory Can Be Local, National, Or International.

Justin Brown based his agency in Austin after falling in love with the city years ago. During his own modeling career he developed professional relationships on both coasts, from California to New York. This has helped him foster connections for those models in his agency who have the talent, drive, and desire to move into a national career rather than staying local. Brown understands that not everyone desires a national career. Some models have the right look for Austin, and may not be willing to make any changes that would advance their career in other locations. They also might not want to travel or move to a new location. The Brown Agency works with models to determine what their goals are, and to find placements that can best highlight their unique look. The Brown Agency has worked with large international brands such as Dell and Toyota, as well as local outlets such as Dallas Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week.

Brown Knows That Models Make The Agency

Justin Brown is aware that an agency is only as strong as it’s talent. He is building an agency that is known for being professional, dependable, and elegant and this means that he and his staff must coach their clients in ways that contribute to their ability to act in these ways. This means that he focuses on development of talent, so that the models working with The Brown Agency represent the agency in the highest quality manner possible. Though their weekly calls for applicants are open to all levels of experience, it is important to Brown that the models that are accepted are nurtured along their career path so that they add to the upstanding reputation of the agency.

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