Serge Belamant: Developing a Highly Secured Way to Transact with Debit Cards

Serge Belamant is an American tech entrepreneur who is popularly known as the founder of Net1. He has been in the business since the 1980s, and through his business ingenuity, he was able to create a system which allowed debit card users to integrate the blockchain technology which would allow for a more secured transaction with lower chances of having their accounts hacked. Serge Belamant stated that the need to create a system that uses the blockchain technology came up after he noticed that fraudulent transactions continue to rise. He wanted to help those who legitimately own a financial account but has fallen victims to criminals who are falsifying the information that they are using.

In the past, many people experienced financial issues with their banks and credit card providers, as the method for skimming the cards have become more advanced. To counter these fraudsters, Serge Belamant worked hard during the 1980s to create a highly secured system that would ensure the safety of bank accounts and will automatically prevent theft and other crimes related to stealing someone else’s money. The full technology was unveiled in 1989, and it became a huge hit in the market. However, the product stopped selling after its creator decided to put additional improvements of his creative technology .

Decades later, according to Serge Belamant released an advanced version of the application that he created for bank owners, and stated that it would have an advanced blockchain technology that would prevent fraud. Experts agree that his creation would help global financial security, especially in this day and age that even the banks are entrusting the money to an advanced computer system. However, the hackers are also becoming more advanced, and they will do everything to hack into these systems and steal whatever they can find. Serge Belamant is hoping that his creation will help curb these situations from happening. He is positive that the debit card using blockchain technology will be the norm in the future. He stated that the technology similar to what he created would provide a drastic change in the field of corporate and business security which could contribute greatly to the economy.



Fortress Investment Group to Operate as a Private Company After SoftBank’s Acquisition Deal

Last year, SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group, a move that is going to change the development direction of the Japanese company. SoftBank is a Japanese multinational that has acquired over 500 tech companies. The company bought Fortress for $3.3 billion.

Fortress Investment Group has come a long way to become one of the leading alternative asset managers in the world. It was founded in 1998 as an equity firm. It took up an alternative asset manager approach that saw the company grow rapidly to have over $43 billion worth of assets on behalf over 1500 clients around the world. The investment firm specializes on sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, mergers and acquisitions, operations management, asset-based investing as well as capital markets.

According to Fortress Investment Group principals, ten years after the company came into existence, they went public, making it the first private equity alternative asset manager to go public. Furthermore, the acquisition by SoftBank marked the beginning of a journey in a new path. According to the executives, the company has combined efforts to face head on challenges and take advantage of opportunities that comes with being a global company.

SoftBank has been relentless in its efforts to be a leader in the unfolding information revolution. The company is affiliated to companies in advanced telecommunications, clean-energy technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, internet services and smart robotics.

SoftBank established an investment fund and the acquisition is in line with its efforts to improve its investment and management expertise of the investment fund. The acquisition deal is one of its kind for SoftBank as it has never made a direct investment on an asset manager as big as Fortress.

Earlier, SoftBank had hired a former Fortress Investment Group senior executive officer to head its Vision Fund, specifically, strategic finance. The Vision Fund has grown really big and now, it has combined efforts with various partners to build a solar power generation plant like no other in Saudi desert.

Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Securities were the acquisition deal’s financial advisors. Additionally, Fortress Investment Groups’ Board of Directors selected Evercore to advice the Board’s Special Committee. Fortress continues its operations as an independent entity with Edens, Nardone and Briger staying as its principals. Edens was excited about the deal, specifically, about the privatization of its operations.

How Stephen M. Hicks Provided Financial Assistance To Public Companies Through Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is an investment and an advisory firm that has financed over 250 public companies during their initial phases. It was founded in 1996 and houses a talented team dedicated to the vision of the company. They possess an exceptional understanding of the global market trends which helps them to formulate unique financial strategies for other companies. Since the 90s, they have invested a total of $1.8 billion on companies after careful analysis of the potential they hold.



Stephen M. Hicks is the founding member and the CEO of Southridge Capital. He supervises the business development sector of the company and has a strong influence on the major decisions of the company. For 30 long years, Stephen has been involved in the finance industry and with expertise in financial structuring and investment banking, he steered the company in the direction of success. To see more you can visit


We got to know more about Stephen and Southridge Capital through an interview that took place recently.


He talked about his idea of Southridge Capital and how he managed to make it a reality. In the early days of his career, he was employed at a small hedge fund in NYC. For some reasons, the principal of the hedge fund had to visit Australia for a duration of one whole year. This was the turning point in Stephen’s life and he decided to come up with his own firm while staying on the payroll of the existing hedge fund.


He believes that it is very important to have ideas and to make them a reality one should trust their intuition and focus all their learning and experience on the idea. Experience earned throughout the career helps him make crucial decisions on behalf of the company. For more details you can checkout

He is currently interested in the booming market of cryptocurrency and believes that calculated investment after observing the market trends can generate high returns.


Stephen understands that every entrepreneur faces rejection and failures in their careers and so did he. He recalls how they put millions of dollar in a company they thought had huge potential. But unfortunately the company failed and the repercussions were very serious. Southridge  somehow managed to stay afloat until they stabilized over time.





Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Provide Expert Level Services at an Extremely Affordable Price

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter from the Banyan Hill provides everyone regardless of income with the opportunity to gain an insight into revolutionary methods of investing. Individuals who subscribe to the service experienced potential dividends up to $29,000 according to customers testimonials. Last year, their readers had the opportunity to gain 943% in returns due to their daily emails. Membership includes access to professionally made portfolios, weekly updates, trade alerts, and monthly briefings. Profits Unlimited newsletter currently has more than 90,000 subscribers and it is likely that this number will only increase in the future. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited as well as an administrator for two elite trading services, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. Mampilly also serves as a weekly contributor to Winning Investor Daily, the Banyan Hill free newsletter. With over 25 years of investing experience, Paul Mampilly’s services allowed people to make gains up to $250,000. Mampilly has managed finances for Deutsche Bank, ING, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a private Swiss bank. His investing experienced initiated a 76% return within a single year and therefore generating $88 million from his starting investment of $50 million. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this feat is the fact that he generated such profits during the 2008 financial crash without relying on any shorting stocks. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly continues to maintain a reputation for being one of the most noteworthy investors of recent times. He recommends that as of 2018, it is best for investors to focus on mega-trends such as medical, energy, and financial stocks. The best aspect of these stocks revolves around the fact that they generate both long-term growth as well as short-term immediate profits. As for the financial sector, he recommends having an insight into which companies use blockchain technology, mobile payments, bitcoins, and peer-to-peer lending and deeply consider investing in companies that implement these methods effectively.


Jordan Lindsey: Encouraging Forex Traders To Pursue Their Dreams

As a small child growing up in New York, Jordan Lindsey had the heart of an entrepreneur. He was forever in search of the best opportunities to make life better and always had an inkling that he would improve other people’s existence.

The science of Forex trading can be difficult for others to understand. Traders often find themselves caught up within the limits of what they believe to be attainable. The foreign exchange market can seem equal parts enthralling and scary. Jordan Lindsey is here to simplify things for would be traders.

Instead of steering the traders who rely on his advice towards investments that are thought to be realistic, Lindsey is teaching traders to embrace the unconventional. He knows that the job is never over and is never one to rest on his laurels.

This is the mentality that Jordan Lindsey passes down to Forex traders who rely on the assistance that JLC Capital can provide. With access to his trend trading indicator, Lindsey’s clients who are looking to remain on the right side of the trend will always be able to trade responsibly.

He approaches trading as if it were a science and this is an approach that clients can certainly benefit from. Jordan Lindsey is not someone who believes in luck when it comes to trading. Trading is about altering the odds in your favor.

In order to assist clients who are looking to create their own luck in the Forex trading realm, he has created a cryptocurrency trading bot known as Bitcoin Trading Bot. Now that the world of crypto trading has become more competitive, we need access to tools that can keep us from falling behind the times.

Lindsey preaches the importance of not allowing yourself to become overly conventional as well. In order to remain in lockstep with the trends that will dictate your success, the art and science must be considered. This is where Jordan Lindsey is truly able to shine because of his ability to provide clients with an actionable road map to success.

He is not afraid to fail and this is an ethos that he is more than happy to pass down to his clients. While there is nothing that we cannot achieve in the world of Forex trading with the assistance of JLC Capital, Lindsey knows that following through on an idea is just as important as having one in the first place.