Oncotarget: How a Leading Online Platform Is Taking Over Research with Efficiency

Oncotarget’s reputation as a leading research platform remains unsurpassed. Through the platform, researchers can obtain reliable information based on average citations from articles published. Since its inception, Oncotarget has consistently provided high-quality reading material in a predetermined order based on average data as follows:

  • 2011 RG Journal impact 4.76
  • 2012 RG Journal impact 6.73
  • 2013 RG Journal impact 5.77
  • 2014 RG Journal impact 5.30
  • 2015/2016 RG Journal impact 3.45
  • 2017 RG Journal impact 4.76

The Link between E-Cigarettes and Damage to Gum Tissue

Reliable data from a medical study conducted by the University of Rochester revealed that electronic cigarettes have a profound impact on the teeth and gums compared to conventional cigarettes. Published by Irfan Rahman, a Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine on Oncotarget platform, the study revealed that e-cigarettes significantly contributed to damaging the molecular and cellular levels which subsequently affected oral health.Even though electronic cigarettes have been gaining prominence among adults based on the misleading perception that they are a healthier option to conventional cigarettes, practitioners firmly believe that chemicals present in such cigarettes contribute to adverse health effects. According to Irfan, the vapors emanating from e-cigarette induce the release of inflammatory proteins from cells leading to aggravated stress and the contraction of oral diseases. Before backing this theory, Irfan had published a comprehensive study regarding the damaging effects of flavorings and e-cigarette vapors on lung cells while also expounding on a recent study regarding pollution effects. In a nutshell, the study painted a vivid picture on how the frequency of e-cigarette smoking caused damage to the oral cavity and gums.

Damaging Contents of the E-Cigarette

An e-cigarette typically consists of a heating device, a cartridge to hold the liquid which is primarily nicotine, and battery. The battery-powered appliance works on the principle of heating the liquid into an aerosol that the handler inhales. However, Irfan highly sensitizes on the need to conduct further comprehensive studies to comprehend the health effects arising from e-cigarettes. More importantly, he also encourages manufacturers to reveal chemicals and materials used in the manufacturing process to protect consumers from potential danger. Funded by the famed National Institutes of Health, the study brings together various authors such as Isaac Sundar and Fawad Javed with the sole intention of fostering medical discovery.

Things Everyone Must Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans include all the things that were provided by the Original Medicare, except hospice care. This package may also come with other benefits like coverage for prescription drugs, vision and dental. Many people when choosing their plans do so before understanding what is good for them, so here is a break-down of issues you need to understand about Medicare Advantage.

How Medicare Advantage works
Medicare Advantage is offered through private insurance companies approved for the program. Each month, Medicare makes a fixed amount payment to the private insurance companies then the companies cover the costs of members of the Medicare Advantage plan.

It is important to understand the different types of Medicare Advantage plans because some will cater for prescription drugs and other additional benefits not listed under the conventional plan.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage plans
Some of the benefits one gets by choosing Medicare Advantage plans include:

* Some companies may offer nil premiums for the plan, and this depends on the state and county of residence of the member.
* Medicare Advantage stretches beyond the benefits Original Medicare offers, which include coverage for vision and dental.
* Each plan is guided by a maximum out-of-pocket limit annually. Once the limit is attained, you are not required to make additional payment for services received. How to choose the right plan

Many people ask about this and want to know which plan would best serve their interests, but there is no distinct formula in this. Medicare Advantage offers different plans and to know what would work well for you it’s necessary to read about the terms offered for each.

InnovaCare Health: Enhancing healthcare management
InnovaCare is a private managed healthcare provider that serves North America. The company offers Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks as well as quality and sustainable healthcare solutions. InnovaCare applies fully integrated technology to enhance delivery of affordable services to beneficiaries of different health plans. Through high standards of transparency, the company has managed to produce some of the best leaders in the market and their addressable market keeps enlarging each day.

Focused leadership
Dr. Rick Shinto, the current InnovaCare CEO and president, is a dedicated individual with years of experience in the medical industry. He worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc., between 2008 and 2012 delivering useful services and creative ideas that helped to strengthen the company.

Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, has also been instrumental in ensuring the company is managed in the most effective manner. This explains the reason InnovaCare Health has been operating without complications and disagreements with members.

Learn more about InnovaCare: https://www.companybooknetworking.com/aveta-inc-/Rick%20Shinto

The Number One Healthcare Service

Are you looking for someone to take care of your parent or family member? At Nobilis Health we know that aging is not easy, and that taking care of an elderly member of the family, is even harder. At times it can even be very challenging. It may be a good idea to look around and find the care that our loved ones may need, before it actually becomes a necessity. The attention and security available to many family members is provided by Nobilis; the top healthcare service in the Hampshire and Surrey area.
In-home services are made accessible by two caring founders of Nobilis Health who listened to you: David and Nicky Watt. They established this agency to provide the best healthcare for everyone. Their healthcare providers are experienced and career caretakers, who know how to love and support those under their care with respect and dignity. The goal is to keep the elderly generation in general, well-informed, giving them daily activities that are useful and that will to encourage their quality of life. Regarding the team who will take care of your mother, spouse or uncle, rest assured, we will always promote interaction, so as to build friendships and take the time to hear what everyone has to say. The healthcare provider you are hiring should create a homey atmosphere which will make a difference in your family’s life. Every person is looked at on an individual case basis, and the services we provide will be tailored to that particular person. We offer both long term and short term quality home-care for all families, so as to create peace of mind for everyone involved.
Our company provides in-home-care to facilitate independence and trust in those we care for. Making sure they are active and healthy. We assist them with their daily hygiene, and in case one of our patrons needs rehabilitation, we are able to give them excellent service so that they can recuperate in a joyful environment for quicker recovery. We are medically trained to assist people with:
– Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s
– Post-Stroke Situations
– Palliative Conditions
– Learning Disabilities
– Recuperating from Hospital-Related Circumstances
Our staff on facebook will work in co-operation with you to ensure you receive the best medical advice and most convenient service for your family member 24/7. We give number one priority to our clients’ needs and are constantly improving the standards of service we provide for them.