Freedom Checks Release Your Financial Bonds

If the phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” has ever made you want to scream, than you need to know about Matt Badiali, and his “Freedom Checks” discovery. The phrase itself started with Matt, but Freedom Checks themselves have been around for nearly 4 decades. Imagine putting a small amount of money in an envelope and hiding it away in a drawer or book, this form of saving leaves you open to blatant theft, in addition to the real possibility of forgetting it exists and giving it away or losing it all together.

Now imagine that you decided to put the money in a bank or traditional investment. It seems safer, but its still just sitting there doing nothing and maybe if you are lucky it gets an investment dividend of a few cents a year, or it manages to double after 20- 50 years. How much are you paying in taxes? How long are you stuck leaving it untouched before you can see results and actually use it? How many of you were bored by the thought of it the second you had to fill out the paperwork? Read this article at Money Morning.

And finally, imagine someone else doing all the research on the best place to put that money, when to move it, and how to get bigger and bigger payouts every 3 months or more. That is what Matt is offering with his Real Wealth Strategist business were he has focused in specifically on the top Freedom Check providers in the nation. And the best part is, you help an American business operate tax free, and the tax benefits pass on to you as well.

While not a typical investment most people think of, Freedom Checks are similar in that you buy a stock and receive a payout. However, these payouts don’t come after decades, or even years. They arrive at least once per business quarter, some even arrive every month. And there is no limit to how many you opt into or how much. You choose, one, two, twenty, the decision is completely up to you, and Matt makes it easier by doing all the research leg work, often through a boots on the ground, hands in the dirt approach. He does the work, you get the money. The sooner you act the lower your initial costs and the sooner you can cash in those checks.