Beneful offers healthy options with real and honest ingredients

The Beneful Originals with Real Beef commercial opens up with a cute little dog with a striped red and white tie prancing through a field with his owner. The dog, who goes by Einstein, sits gleefully next to his owner as she explains the benefits of his dog chow. She goes on to say how the main ingredient in the dog food is beef and how her dog enjoys this brand more than any other brand. The dog backs up her claims in agreeance and proceeds to gobble the chow down. The ingredients also include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and natural starches. The Dinner for Two commercial that promotes the Beneful Originals line opens up with a dog and his owner enjoying a dinner in the kitchen. The dog explains how dinner time is his favorite time to bond with his owner and it shows them both eating a meal. The owner is snacking on a piece of cheese and the dog believes that he eats better meals than his owner. The dog reveals that the Beneful Originals offers a variety of whole grains and real beef. These ingredients help maintain a healthy pet food and the dog seems to be enjoying the meal.