Infinity Group Australia is a reliable business partner

Infinity Group Australia is a debt reduction company found in Australia. It was created so that it couldn’t help Australian families to get out of debts. The fact of the matter is that many Australians are living in paycheck-paycheck and they are not able to have enough finances to repay their debts faster. People are being forced to stick with minimum loan repayment amounts because that is the only available amount that can go for that purpose, another amount is split among the bills awaiting the next paycheck, to do the same thing. We are living in a cocoon of poverty that we shall never get out of as long as we continue making the same mistakes over and over again.




Infinity Group Australia was cheated to stop people from making the wrong the decisions on money management. For instance, Infinity Group Australia advocates for “if you cannot buy it in cash, you do not need it.” There is no need to spend on the credit card; it will just increase the burdens you are facing. Purchasing what one can afford is a key lesson that should be learnt by every person. The tragedy of the matter is that people are spending so much on things that are not necessary while at the same time facing challenges of debt reduction.




Graeme Holm




The dream of the Infinity Group Australia is tied to Graeme Holm. He is the one who came up with a plan to save the people from financial institutions. He has worked with them and understands that they do not mean well for the customer. They are in business to make money no matter what the customer goes through. Holm learned about these things in the period he was working for the banks. He realized that the only way to succeed is by coming up with a strategy that incorporates financial experts he refers to as “personal banker.”








Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies that appeared to of the Australian Financial Review. This review comprised of over 1000 companies from Australia and New Zealand. In all the companies that were listed, Infinity ranked number #58. This is a high ranking given that the company has been in business for a short time and was competing with established companies. The rankings show that the solutions that Infinity Group Australia is employing are the right ones. The company is growing its reputation as the best company to go to for money management and debt reduction services. Learn more :