Changing the Clocks for Conservation in Venezuela

In regards to saving energy, many complicated strategies have been put forth by so-called experts to conserve electricity. In Venezuela, a very simple plan is being instituted. The clock is going to be changed. President Nicolas Maduro has decreed the clocks in his country will be moved ahead 30 minutes.
When the clocks are changed, people talk about the “sun going down earlier or later” says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Of course, the sun doesn’t change its path. The star travels on its axis in the same manner as it has for millions of years. In a snap, an entire population tweaks the numbers on a clock, and things change in a particular part of the world. By changing the clock, a bit more daylight may be accessed during peak times of the day. If there is more natural light during peak work hours, the need to flip a light switch is delayed. After all, the sun is shining in through the windows.

This might seem like a very minimalist approach to saving electricity says Adrian Jose, but Venezuela is currently caught up in a massive energy crisis. Every single bit of electricity that can be saved must be saved. Due to a massive drought, the country is not able to generate the hydro-electric power necessary the country is heavily reliant upon.

Whether or not changing the clock will have any measurable effect will be quickly revealed. Until the drought is over, however, do not look for the energy situation in the country to change.