A recent Ubuntu education fund gala held in London was able to raise £603,000. The charity fund gala organized by the fund managed to raise much more than was expected to help disadvantaged children in Africa. The money raised was to expand the student’s capacity in the Ubuntu education fund sponsored Port Elizabeth campus and also to open the school doors to many more disadvantaged children in the area. The program has been successful in taking care of children who are underprivileged from the cradle until they can begin their career life.

Attractions And The Auction

Among the attractions of the night were the Xhosa choir and the tasty African food. Among the guests were two former students that had been assisted by the Ubuntu fund to pursue their education. The speeches from some of the invited guests were inspiring. Of note was Sinesipho Rabidyani story on how her father’s drinking affected her life and she was unable to live peacefully at home. However, she credits Ubuntu fund for sponsoring her education and providing psychosocial support that enabled her to complete her education and gain a recent admission to law school. She also finally was able to persuade her mother to leave her abusive husband.

The auction was presided over by British auctioneer Charlie Ross. Among the offers at the auction were two paintings by Dom Pattison, a trip to South Africa and a portrait drawn by Nelson Makamo. The three items were sold for $38, 667. The auction was concluded with a speech from Ubuntu CEO and founder Jacob Lief who stressed that children need everything to grow up which is the lesson he has learned working with the fund for 20 years. The successful auction was organized in conjunction with Andrew Rolfe who is the fund’s chairman.

Andrew Rolfe

In addition to being the Ubuntu education Funds’ chairman, Mr. Rolfe is also the managing director of Tower Brook capital partners. He has a degree in business economics and administration from Harvard University and a master from the same university. His other master’s degree is from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. In 1988, he also earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford.

Before working with Ubuntu Education Fund and Tower Book Capital partners, Andrew worked as an executive for Gap Inc. the famous clothing brand, and he oversaw the brand sells its products to global markets including Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. Andrew is an innovator who assists companies enter the global markets and expand their operations in these markets. His strong leadership and expansion skills is an asset to the Ubuntu Education Fund and he is constantly seeking for new opportunities to help the disadvantaged children and families from Africa.