Lime Crime is Fashion Forward

Most women want style, and a variety of spice to that style. Even the most modest women still wants to feel pretty and appreciated for their beauty. Some of the ways to achieve the desired results come in the form of more than one pair of shoes, or change of clothes. Just like the ever changing style of hair, make-up and cosmetics should reflect the inner style trying to escape. Cosmetics should never be just one style fits all.

Lime Crime has developed a line of cosmetics for women who are not looking for just ordinary, but the extraordinary. With a wide array of colors and styles to help every women release the artist within.

According to Glambot, Lime Crime is not about a style that is looking back and trying to capture a retro look, but is a company dedicated to setting a new standard, a style that is fashion forward.

Like founder and creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, the company is versatile and innovative in how the products represent the statement in women’s cosmetics. For women who want to make a statement, who want color splashes from bright blues to green hughes, or an array of matching eye liners to make the color of her lips pop, Deere’s company and line of cosmetics will help set them apart.

As part of the line of cosmetics, the company also provides a unique style or culture for shoppers to the website. They are called the Unicorns, repeat customers who enjoy the products over and over again.

Cosmetics can make or break a style, and if not careful, the style could clash with the clothing or shoes selected. A night out on the town with a new hair style, great clothes, the perfect shoes, but the wrong make-up can ruin a girls evening.