Court Proceedings with Bruce Levenson

There are court proceedings going on between the New Hampshire Insurance Company and Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC. These court proceedings come in the form of a lawsuit that alleges a breach of contract when settling claims for Danny Ferry, the former general manager for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC (AHBE). The previous ownership group of the company included Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner. It is this previous group that is entangled in the court proceedings.

Who is Bruce Levenson?

Bruce Levenson obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University, and he followed that up with a J.D. from the American University. He has been partnered with various different companies, and he has been a major part of various philanthropic endeavors. Bruce Levenson is a Co-Founder of the United Communication Group ( The company was formed in 1977 with his partner Ed Peskowitz, and the both continue to run the company as partners to this day.

Before founding the United Communications Group, Mr. Bruce Levenson used his university degree in a Bachelor of Arts to write for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Furthermore, he has held a place on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. It is clear, from these accomplishments, that Bruce Levenson has a passion for both writing and reading the written word.

One of his more noteworthy endeavors made national headlines on Forbes. He participated in the selling of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He had hired two different banking corporations, Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports, to do the final selling of the team and their basketball arena. The bankers did make Mr. Levenson a good deal of profit in selling the team for a little over 25% than their default value. It has been seen by some as both a great business move and an act that may have scared away other bidders for the team.