Careers at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has been in the private equity business for close to two decades. Over the years of their operation, they have managed to serve a variety of clients; all who can attest to their excellent services. Managing clients’ assets can be very challenging given that most of them expect to be guided towards nothing less than a massive success. That is why Fortress Investment Group has dedicated all efforts to ensure that the customers are satisfied to the latter.

The private equity firm has its headquarters in New York and has some affiliate offices spread across the globe. As per the financial report released on September 30, 2018, Fortress Investment Group is worth $42.1 billion in assets alone. They work guided by business ethics and client delivery. The group is also gifted with financial experts who have invented various workable models used to manage clients’ assets with utmost sincerity and accountability.


SoftBank recently acquired fortress Investment Group to a tune of $3.3 billion. They had been in talks for quite a long time, and the deal was expected to be sealed anytime within 2018. This will see Fortress operate under SoftBank Group Corporation though they will retain their management structure and employees. The move is expected to expand the market reach of SoftBank as they tend to reach more customers. What most people ask is whether careers at Fortress will change after the acquisition by SoftBank.

Most of the employees at Fortress are specialized in recapitalization, buyout, and turnaround events. They are tasked with the responsibility of giving proper financial advice to potential investors in different industries such as real estate, healthcare, transport, media, and construction field. They are highly trained people who know the basics that surround private equity as well as management of assets. Most of them have worked in different private equity firms, giving them a massive advantage over their peers.

They also have a team of professionals who work around the clock to come up with possible solutions to investments risks. What most investors want is value for their money, and you can get that from Fortress Investment Group.

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Robert Deignan: Automation is Inevitable

The corporate world does not favor people who are not willing to change. This industry has undergone so many changes, and the people who have been fortunate to enjoy profits are those that embraced whatever was happening around positively. Robert Deignan is among these people. Robert has started several technology companies, and he has helped them grow into very successful ventures that serve millions of customers in the United States. The businessman now wants other investors to achieve success just like him. His advice has been shared in numerous platforms.

Robert Deignan spoke about automation recently and how employees can prepare for it at the workplace. The rise of automation, according to Robert Deignan, has its benefits and share of challenges. Experts in the industry such Robert Deignan have also had to deal with tough times because of automation. If we want the economy to grow, it is paramount to understand the things taking place and forge ahead without fear.

Anxiety concerning Automation

For some years now, many people have expressed their fears about automation and how it might end up getting thousands of people from their jobs. There is a lot of tension and anxiety in the market because people are not certain about this issue and the kind of future that is ahead of them. Robert Deignan has been dealing with technology matters for a very long time, and he has hopeful news concerning this questions. The businessman advice all people to start thinking about ways to advance their knowledge so that they can work with the technology instead of panicking. The earlier the people accept automation in the workplace, the better they are going to perform in their departments. The businessman states that there is no going back, and everyone should be ready for greater things in the future.

The American investor has also realized that millions of people in the world have already started to use technology devices even when at their homes. People need special devices to communicate and operate companies that are in different locations with the help of technology. Without automation, it is not possible to work in the complicated market.

CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Stepping Up To The Plate Against Match In Court

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble, she wanted to create a dating app that empowered women by allowing them to make the first move. When she started Bumble with her friends in the home of one of their parents’, none of them could have predicted the success that they have seen so far. While there may have been some rough spots along the way, things just keep looking brighter for Bumble and Whitney Wolfe. As 2018 is coming to a close, just a quick look back shows what an immense year it has been for everyone involved. Learn more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

One of the biggest plans in the work for Bumble and Chief Executive Officer Whitney Wolfe is the discussion of creating an Initial Public Offering. Bumble isn’t just a dating app anymore. It has expanded into areas like business networking and finding friends in a safe way that gives women more control so they can feel empowered by the interactions they are having online in their terms. Bumble has gained a good amount of popularity among women by creating a platform that puts the first move in the hands of the women who are using the app instead of men.

With the introduction of an IPO coming soon, Whitney Wolfe is ramping up the legal battle between Tinder and Bumble. Last year, Match, the owner of Tinder, tried to purchase Bumble multiple times to no avail. Originally, they offered $450 million before coming back with a value of $1 billion last fall. After refusing to make the sale, Match attempted to sue Bumble calling them a clone of their Tinder app. Instead of caving to the pressure, Bumble came back with their own $400 million countersuit to compensate for damages to their reputation.

Bumble has always been devoted to stopping bullies in their track, and they see their offensive against Tinder and Match as doing just that on a larger scale than just blocking rude users. While the company was hoping that these issues could be settled without having to go to court, Tinder and Match have made it clear that this will not be possible according to Whitney Wolfe.


Why Sussex Healthcare is the Ideal Place for Mom or Dad

Caring for an elderly parent can be challenging at the best of times. Often hectic work schedules or complicated health conditions only compound the problem. This often leaves caretakers and children feeling frustrated and guilty; guilty because they feel as if they are not providing adequate care for their loved ones. This is where Sussex Healthcare steps in and takes hold of the reins.

Established in the community for over 25 years, the company has developed the ideal environment for seniors who need long-term care or assistance with activities of daily living. The company specializes in caring for individuals suffering from neurological conditions, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. They select only the best professionals ensuring quality care for each resident.

Due to their history of providing exemplary senior care services, Sussex Healthcare is the only independently owned care home provider in the United Kingdom accredited by the Health Quality Service and the Investors and People standard. Even with these awards, the company continues to focus on improving the quality of their services.

Unlike many care homes, Sussex realizes the importance of maintaining an active physical and mental state. Residents are not left to entertain themselves and are provided with a multitude of activities ranging from recreational outings and social gatherings to artistic endeavours and crafts. Local organizations visit our care homes providing seniors with various events so they continue being part of the community.

Sussex Healthcare is determined to maintain an engaging environment that possesses a home-like atmosphere. For that reason, food is made fresh daily using high-quality ingredients selected by our well-trained chefs. Their mission is to create a dish that tempts the palate and is well presented like any home-cooked meal should be. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

The staff cares for each individual like they would their own relative. Seniors are shown a level of dignity and respect that is not seen at other facilities. The goal is to create the best surroundings to ensure an ideal quality of life. Sussex Healthcare feels this is an ongoing process so staff members continually strive for excellence.

When selecting a care home for your loved one, this company is the best option as not only do they treat each resident like family, but staff members are specially trained to provide top-notch care. A stimulating environment combined with knowledgeable staff means your loved one will receive unrivalled care. So leave the guilt and stress at the door, and feel free to contact Sussex Healthcare for more information regarding senior care services.

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Louis Chenevert’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Ideas

Louis R. Chenevert is United Technologies Corporation previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed as the President and CEO in April 2008, and was made Chairman in April 2008 and January 2010 respectively. He held the President and CEO ranks till his retirement in November 2014. He likewise occupied the President and COO positions with the same company, and became United Technologies Director in March 2006.

Before he was employed at United Technologies he was the President of Pratt and Whitney from April 1999 until March 2006. He also served with General Motors for 14 years as the Production General Manager of General Motors’ operation in St. Therese.

Louis Chenevert finished his Commerce Degree in Production Management at the Universite de Montreal, Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC); and received his Honorary Doctorate from the Montreal University in 2011 He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC, and HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board’s Chairman.

He disclosed that the idea for United Technologies came from the many ideas that were presented by key executives along with the core group within a small team that have an fervent comprehension of customer requirements and the motivation to provide innovative products within a production sequence of 30 years. The strategy mainly relies in the appropriate combination of generating acquisitions and administration of intense modification which will reinforce the company’s portfolio of assets.

Chenevert likewise said that he does not have any particular habit to become more productive as an entrepreneur since he considers his tendencies and liking to be different from each other. Although he states that he does not indulge in internal politics and use most of his time in endorsing a certain agenda along with being optimistic and passionate. He adds that he often makes the necessary follow-ups with an unwavering focus, and ensures that the main operational executives are equipped with all the things they ought to have to acquire and deliver the expected outcomes.

Louis Chenevert recommends that new entrepreneurs must have the right team from the start to easily hurdle any obstacles. And the individuals who composed the said team must be treated right, and given their just rewards in taking risks for the company.

Freedom Checks Release Your Financial Bonds

If the phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” has ever made you want to scream, than you need to know about Matt Badiali, and his “Freedom Checks” discovery. The phrase itself started with Matt, but Freedom Checks themselves have been around for nearly 4 decades. Imagine putting a small amount of money in an envelope and hiding it away in a drawer or book, this form of saving leaves you open to blatant theft, in addition to the real possibility of forgetting it exists and giving it away or losing it all together.

Now imagine that you decided to put the money in a bank or traditional investment. It seems safer, but its still just sitting there doing nothing and maybe if you are lucky it gets an investment dividend of a few cents a year, or it manages to double after 20- 50 years. How much are you paying in taxes? How long are you stuck leaving it untouched before you can see results and actually use it? How many of you were bored by the thought of it the second you had to fill out the paperwork? Read this article at Money Morning.

And finally, imagine someone else doing all the research on the best place to put that money, when to move it, and how to get bigger and bigger payouts every 3 months or more. That is what Matt is offering with his Real Wealth Strategist business were he has focused in specifically on the top Freedom Check providers in the nation. And the best part is, you help an American business operate tax free, and the tax benefits pass on to you as well.

While not a typical investment most people think of, Freedom Checks are similar in that you buy a stock and receive a payout. However, these payouts don’t come after decades, or even years. They arrive at least once per business quarter, some even arrive every month. And there is no limit to how many you opt into or how much. You choose, one, two, twenty, the decision is completely up to you, and Matt makes it easier by doing all the research leg work, often through a boots on the ground, hands in the dirt approach. He does the work, you get the money. The sooner you act the lower your initial costs and the sooner you can cash in those checks.



Talos Energy Has Become A Leading Workplace In The Energy Industry

It isn’t always easy finding a good workplace in some industries, this is especially true when it comes to natural resources and energy. Talos Energy has not only made name for themselves as a growing oil company, but they have been named one of the leading energy companies to work at for the past four years. Talos Energy was started up back in 2012, so they are still a relatively young company. Taking the time to create a strong and positive work environment will do Talos Energy well, especially with their many career positions ranging from corporate, exploration, production, and various others.

When it comes to energy production and exploration, Talos Energy has proven themselves to be one of the most innovative and critical in the entire market. Tim Duncan has been seeking forward-thinkers and focusing on long-term goals for the company ever since its inception. Talos Energy is looking to do things differently, but still successfully to make a stronger impression in the competitive market. One of the biggest and first aspects of a strong company is by having a healthy workplace. Not only are happy employees more productive, but they are more dedicated to the cause and provide new perspectives to the energy business. Talos Energy could become one of the staples in energy stability throughout the US in the coming years.

When it comes to exploration, Talos Energy is considered a wildcatter because they will search in areas that are not only considered unreachable but those previously thought to be emptied of recourses. One of the things that makes this possible for Talos Energy is the technological approach they are using. By using more advanced seismic technology during their explorations in the deep waters, Talos Energy has been making progress as a wildcatter, finding valuable recourses beneath the waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

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Talk Fusion, A Communication Company With A Difference

On August 15th, 2017, Talk Fusion was honored with the 2016 Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation. This award is the second one this year from the incorporated media giant. The Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation awards outstanding services and products that expedite video, data and voice communications that were introduced into the market or dramatically enhanced in the last year.


Through the aptitude of Talk Fusion’s WebRTC technology, the company enables its users to converse face-to-face anywhere, with anyone, on any gadget – desktop, tablet or smartphone. The Video Chat application is available Google Play and iTunes Stores. This second honor shows the unrelenting momentum behind this radical cross-communication platform from the launch the full version in March 2016.


The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina said that their endowed IT team had big plans for their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution future. He continued to state that the company is committed to remaining ahead of the curve since it’s what Talk Fusion is all about. Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer, interprets the accomplishment as an endorsement of an even higher goal. According to Mr. Page said that the award was an indication that how innovative and efficient the team was, and how significant their processes are in developing an outstanding application. To add to the two honors by TMC, Talk Fusion also launched its WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and introduced a whole new website,, all of them in less than one year.


With its base in Florida, Talk Fusion has operated since 2004 with the aim of providing unique video technology for business and social communication. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion has been recognized severally for enabling Talk Fusion gust to meet the future. Incorporated in the company’s services are video talk products such as video newsletters, market analytics, and live video chat. The company has launched customers such as West Point Academy, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Applebee’s. Talk Fusion endeavors to continue in the creation of cost-effective and simple to use video technology. Learn more: