Mighty Fortress Church International Ministries

The Mighty Fortress International Church was found by Bishop Tom Williams who ministers in the church as the senior pastor together with his wife lady Sabrina Williams in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Initially, the church did not have a building to hold its growing congregation. However, it finally got blessed with a big building where it currently holds it services.

As the senior pastor, Bishop Williams gives messages of purpose of life, God’s promises and reaching one’s destiny to his congregation. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

The church has grown in capacity and has been able to hold seminars for leaders and directors. It is not limited to serving in Minnesota only but also sponsors trips for its ministers to different parts of the world spreading the gospel and giving a message of hope.

Bishop Williams leads the church in worship and is also invited to other churches to minister. He is a serious and a committed man of God who does not purpose to entertain the followers but to lead them in truth through faith.

As Christ is love, the Mighty Fortress Church believes in incorporating everyone in its services regardless of who they are or what sin they have committed. It creates an environment of love by allowing its followers to have a time to communicate in whichever manner they feel like with God without performing any formal rituals and discrimination.

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The church knows its audience and preaches on topics that are relevant to the modern world. This way, its congregation can be in a position to handle challenges that may come on their way in a Godly manner by relating the situation to such sermons.

Bishop Williams took his theology studies at Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma. In addition, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Arts from North Central University, Minneapolis. He is a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul. He also has two Honorary Degrees from St. Thomas College and Midwest Christian College & Seminary in Florida.

He is a husband and a proud father of three children. Bishop Williams and his family live a life committed to Godly living and in God’s ministry. Watch this video on Youtube.