Deirdre Baggot Has Made Significant Contributions to Improving Healthcare

Under a bundled payment system services rendered during an episode of care generate one bill. An episode of care encompasses all the services rendered during treatment for an illness or injury. Putting all the provider’s fees into one bill means equal sharing of profits and equal absorption of losses.

Deirdre Baggot MBA, RN, Ph.D. is a proponent of bundled payment systems. Ms. Baggot’s expertise on bundled payment systems is nationally recognized. She has authored over 20 papers on the subject. Conferences of Healthcare Financial Management Association and a half-dozen other such organizations have featured Dierdre Baggot as the keynote speaker.

In 2012 Ms. Baggot served as an expert reviewer for Medicare and Medicaid’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative. While serving as administrator of Exempla Saint Joseph’s Cardiac and Vascular Institute she submitted a bid that would make Exempla one of four facilities in the US with an Acute Care Episode Cardiovascular Services Pilot Program. Read more articles by Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

Deirdre Baggot is currently Vice President of the Camden Group. Her degree in nursing is from Southern Ilinois University. From the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, she holds a Health Care Executive Leadership certificate. Ms. Baggot earned Master’s Degrees in nursing and business from the University of Colorado and Loyola University Graduate School of Business respectively.

Two hundred hospitals utilize programs that Deirdre Baggot created. Benefitting patients and providers these programs have resulted in more positive treatment experiences and an increase in the number of desired treatment outcomes while reducing costs. The heads of several health system boards turn to Ms. Baggot for guidance.

Among causes of death in the US medical errors rank third. Infections traced to hospitals kill 2 million people yearly. Determined to reverse this trend. Ms. Baggot believes part of the solution is to educate patients to be smarter healthcare consumers.

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Lori Senecal’s Breakthrough as a Business Woman

Lori Senecal studied a bachelor degree in commerce that involved finance and marketing. She also has skills in the integrated market, digital strategy and advertising. Lori Senecal is well versed in education background thus she has been a source of success to various companies that she has worked with including the current big companies in the USA

Senecal has served as the marketing officer in Worldwide Communication Group and as the head of marketing and sales activities. Senecal took the role of company executive officer in CP & B group which was MDC partners where Senecal used to serve as CEO. She also served as chairman of KBS, which was MDC sibling. However, Senegal left her role of KBS (CP & C sibling) executive chairman globally to serve as CEO of MDC partner though she still participated in overseeing expansion and growth of the shop globally. Check out


During Lori Senecal interview with Inspirey, a publication that conducts interviews with industry and business leaders, she explained her career life process and path towards her success. Inspirey first question to pose to Senecal was about how she managed to start venturing into the industry such as advertising. Inspirey also asked her what motivated her to engage in the field of advertising for the first time. Senecal answered that the inspiration to join the advertising industry came while still a learner in school. Additionally, Senecal revealed that she had interest in gymnastics. Unfortunately, her height became an obstacle though she participated in the coaching of gymnastics participants at secondary and at a higher level of education.

Senecal’s life as a coach contributed to the development of her leadership and communication skills. This acted as training for her career as a businesswoman. In the same interview, Senecal went on to clarify her working in the advertising industry. She explained that the aim for success accompanied by compassion and empathy revealed to her that she could be good and achiever in the business world since these traits are the determinant of individual success in the business field.

Inspirey asked Lori Senecal of means she uses to make money as a businesswoman. Senecal’s answer was clear and simple. She responded that her money comes when other individuals make money, which was confirmed as true. She stressed that a marketer is viewed as a successor according to what one delivers.


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Barbara Stokes Provides Home Construction with a Stroke of Quality

Barbara Stokes is a graduate of the prestigious Mercer University. She majored in biomedical engineering then later in physics. She specialized in manufacturing and management. As if that was not enough for one person, Stokes went ahead to pursue technical communication and thermodynamics in addition to structures. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Background Data

Stokes has vast experience in the fields she majored in. Among these experiences are working for Boeing, then Pisces Corporation. Additionally, she has extensive experience in pitching for government contracts. Through these experiences, Stokes managed to land additional roles in GHS and other US government missions including FEMA. All too often, she volunteers at the Huntsville community.

Discussing Green Structure Homes

Stokes is the brain behind the current operations at Green Structure Homes. This company is prominent for providing steel as well as modular wooden frames for homes. Of course, the apartments are engineered to emulate state-of-the-art. What makes Green Structure Homes tick is the fact that the management utilizes the latest technology in order to achieve environmental –friendly homes. More importantly, these homes utilize energy efficiently. For Green Structure Homes, all this comes with giving clients budget accuracy coupled with homes built in a relatively short time-frame. Other additional advantages include utilizing local workforce as well as low maintenance materials.



GSH goes on to design and construct temporary housing structures in Alabama. With Stokes’ leadership, this corporation has developed to become one of the leading home’s providers of commercial structures through lower-life cycle costs. Of course, these structures can be delivered throughout America. In addition, GSH deals in the manufacture of bollards as well as guard shacks for America’s US Navy. This project is, of course, one that Barbara Stokes pitched through her entrepreneurial skills. Because GSH has been instrumental in providing high-quality products, Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded it a $28.5 million contract. It is projected that this contract will provide a set up for other manufacturing plants in America to match the demand of housing supplies. It is for that reason that Barbara Stokes is a proud leader. To her, this is an additional employment opportunity meant to offer a source of income to Americans.


Moreover, with Barbara Stokes’ leadership, GSH worked on a project for housing development units. These units are in compliant with the specifications of FEMA. Currently, the houses have fire suppression systems. This is an additional achievement that Barbara Stokes is revered for. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.