Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Provides a Solution to Title Defects Concerns within the Mortgage Market

In a move that confirmed the firm’s supremacy in the mortgage and financial sector, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) was the first company to address title defects concerns in the industry. After upgrading its website in 2014, the company reduced the numerous hurdles that used to mar the property reports acquisition process during mortgage transactions. This move came at a time when a debate was gathering momentum among the industry’s stakeholders on how title defects were causing unnecessary delays in transfer of ownership of assets. With readily accessible property reports, NTC’s clients can have a clear picture of the ownership status of a property as well as know whether anyone lays claims to a property before engaging in a mortgage transaction.


What Causes Title Defects


A title can be rendered defective for several reasons. The most common reason is due to unsettled claims by other people, especially about loans and debts that the property owner could have taken using the property as collateral. Title defects can also arise as a result of compliance issues, particularly when a mandatory signatory fails to sign the transaction documents or the documents’ wording falls short of the set standards. Other reasons are procedural; like in a situation where due process is not followed when recording or filing documents. With all these reasons, having property reports beforehand is of paramount importance since it helps property buyers to address title defects early enough.


Word from the CEO


According to NTC’s president, John Hillman, the provision of online property reports was in line with the company’s commitment and dedication to helping its clients secure properties in a speedy process. Hillman assured customers that the reports provided on their website are authentic since they are obtained from reliable County land records. To add onto that, he communicated that the records are passed through a thorough verification process that involves automated systems and human authentication to confirm the accuracy of the data provided. The CEO also added that NTC was aiming at customizing the reports to suit particular property needs for its clients to ensure that they do not end up acquiring many documents that could be irrelevant to their particular needs.


About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc. is a Florida-based institution that conducts research and processes documents on behalf of residential mortgage market players. The company’s main clients include mortgage investors, lenders, and servicers. Since its creation in 1991, the company has bagged numerous accolades, including the Hire Power award in 2012 and 2013.





Jason Halpern’s Efforts to Preserve Traditional Architectural Integrity

Jason as an Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a renowned real estate developer in the United States. He is popular for the development of the flashy and luxurious buildings in Miami, Brooklyn and other places in New York. However, he is most popular for his reuse of buildings and advocating to maintain some aspects of the initial infrastructure in order to maintain its architectural integrity. He builds residential complexes and luxurious hotels from some of the old structures and creates a very spectacular building. He is the current director of the Parametric Dining, LLC in Philadelphia. The company has been in his family for years and he took over its leadership in 2010 and has seen it achieve so much success. He combines his entrepreneurial skills and his love for architecture in order to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Jason’s Team

In his years as the company’s director, it has been able to make some of the best business alliances that have resulted in some amazing building projects. In 2014, Halpern announced a big milestone in the construction of the Aloft Hotels. The construction would involve the building reuse of the motel Ankara. The Plaza Construction Company would build an eight storey tower incorporating the initial architecture of the building. The building would be one of the biggest addition into the Aloft group of hotels. The hotel was scheduled to open in 2015 and this meant that the companies were in line with the schedule. In addition to having guest accommodation, it would also have an outdoor pool, a meeting area and a rooftop lounge. The hotel would also be part of the Guest(R) program. Under this program, customers can gain and redeem points for flights, rooms to stay or an upgrade for their rooms.

Modeling and Jason

Halpern controls all the residential and commercial real estate properties owned by the company across different parts of U.S. One of its major secrets into being the leading developer of luxurious properties comes from the strategic location of their properties. In 2011, Halpern gained more recognition when Parametric Dining had one of its buildings win an award. Their construction of the 340 luxurious apartments in Kent won the year’s Brooklyn Building award for the adaptive reuse category. This was one of the building moments of Halpern’s career in real estate development. Cass Gilbert-designed waterfront warehouse was once the host of the biggest grocer in all of U.S. The warehouse build in 1913 is still in the history registry records because Halpern advocated for the preservation of its architectural integrity during its reuse. This building is now one of the most sought after rental building in the area for its good view of Manhattan and its location that is close to many other auxiliary facilities.

Norma Pattiz’s New Program on PodCastOne


It was recently reported by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s Chairman, that a new series will be on the Jericho Network. The new series is called “Beyond the Darkness”, and it’s a paranormal program hosted by radio host and author, Dave Schrader, on Chris Jericho’s network. This program will feature world renowned researchers and experiencers discussing in depth concerning ghosts, angels, ghouls, monster encounters, demons, miracles, and mysteries. These episodes are scheduled on Mondays on iTunes,, and the PodcastOne app.


More information about this new program can be retrieved on, and even more information about this program, advertising, and more can be retrieved by sending an email to [email protected] PodcastOne is the leading, advertiser-supported, podcast network in the US that was found by Norman Pattiz. This podcast network currently hosts over 200 of the most popular podcasts of today, including Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Malcolm McDowell, Laura Ingraham, the Forbes, Rich Eisen, Neil Strauss, Gabrielle Reece, Jay Mohr, TheCHIVE, Barstool Sports, and others.


About Norman Pattiz


In addition to launching PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, and he is the chairman of Launchpad Digital Media. Through Pattiz’s leadership, Westwood One has become the biggest radio network and provider of sports, news, talk and travel, and entertainment programming of the Broadcast Industry in America. Westwood One also managed, distributed, or owned NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS News, NFL Football, March Madness, The Summer and Winter Olympic Games, NCAA Basketball, and the Mutual Broadcasting System.


In previous years, he made other outstanding accolades as well. For one, Pattiz created the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009, and he was awarded from the Library of American Broadcasting the Giants of Broadcasting Award in the same year. Also, President Clinton appointed him in 2000, and President Bush reappointed him in 2002 to serve the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The BBG overseas all US nonmilitary broadcasting services, including Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, and more. Read more:


Pattiz also accomplished other achievements in addition to the ones relevant to broadcasting. For one, Pattiz serves as the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore, and as a Regent of the University of California. He is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations.

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Improving Your Life With The Midas Legacy

At first glance the Midas Legacy might seem like just another investment firm. But, if you assumed that’s all they were then you would be seriously wrong. They are a nuanced and diversified organization which seeks to help their clients improve multiple facets of their lives. If you are an investor or business person who seeks opportunity for financial and personal growth then The Midas Legacy is the organization you’ve been looking for. Their focus is on improving your life through multiple avenues. Located in beautiful Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy seeks to help individuals improve their life by providing them the tools they need to do so.

The Midas Legacy provides assistance for entrepreneurs who are interested in making business decisions that increase not only profits but help their business grow and off new jobs. The Midas Legacy empowers business owners to empower individuals through new jobs that help them develop their skills in the fields of their choosing.

To do this, The Midas Legacy takes an inter-disciplinary approach to teach clients the skills they need not only to better manage their businesses but to better manage their lives as well. It’s a holistic approach to life improvement that not only improves a persons financial situation but their overall living situation as well. The Midas Legacy wants to help people live full and rich lives.

The Midas Legacy is climbing the ladder because of the multitude of researchers they have on staff to provide information to potential clients. These researchers will help with financial planning and wealth management. However, they will also help with life planning so that you can achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Wealth Management can be very difficult for some individuals. It’s not easy managing your finances. That’s why many people turn to an organization like The Midas Legacy to help with this. Employees of the Midas Legacy have different strengths that will provide a broad spectrum plan to help people manage their finances.

A key area of focus for the Midas Legacy is retirement planning. In this modern world retirement planning can be a very difficult thing to do. There never seems to be enough time in the day to sit down and make a plan. That’s where the team at the Midas Legacy comes in. They will help you plan for your retirement so that you can live life to the fullest!

How Does Mike Baur Reach People With digital Startups?

Digital startups are more common than they ever were because people can open businesses online at basically any time. These companies can become amazing places where people get digital services, but they need money to get started. Getting the money is a lot easier when these companies are working with the Swiss Startup Factory, and Mike Baur leads the company through every project with every new client.

The clients that come to Swiss Startup Factory want to know that they can get the exact amount of funding they need, but they also need to have a mentor who will help them. Mike Baur does a lot of the mentoring on his own, and he also works with Michael Hartweg to help people who are in need with their digital businesses. He has Michael Hartweg come in to help because he knows more about the funding of digital businesses than anyone, and he can mentor these companies in the right way. Every company needs to have real advice, and they need to be given a chance to excel in their field with the right kind of funding.

Mike Baur built up the Swiss Startup Factory because he wanted his clients to have a place to come to when they were in need. A lot of these people are going to need help because they have to get funding along with advice because they are not business people, and other companies have the business people but no money. Mike Baur makes sure everyone gets what they need, and he delivers it in a package that is very helpful. This means that every client is treated like a real customer until their business can succeed and they are doing well with their funding.

It is very simple to find someone who will be able to make their business more successful once they come to the Swiss Startup Factory. They get amazing service, and they get the expertise of Mike Baur. Mike Baur also has Michael Hartweg there to help him so that every client has the experience that makes their business more powerful and more competitive.

What is Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has recently taken over the position of the new CEO at Coriant.

Keradpir is taking over Coriant from Pat DiPietro who left the company to return to Marlin Equity Partners. This, however, has not been an unprecedented shift in power. According to many sources, Kheradpir has been working closely with senior management in an attempt to prepare him for this eventual shift of power. Read more:

Kheradpir is often recognized for his expertise in both business and technology. Over the past three decades, Kheradpir has worked in a variety of positions in the telecom, technology, and financial industry. With his skill set, Coriant sees his addition to the team as a growing opportunity.

Kheradpir has previously held a position of such caliber at Juniper where he held the position of CEO. During this time, he had to operate in high periods of stress in the companies history as he had to deal with issues concerning activist investors. Through no fault of his own, Kheradpir had to deal with many issues presented during his tenure at Juniper as CEO.

His position at Juniper, however, is not the only important position that Kheradpir has held. He also held the position of chief operations and technology officer at Barclays Bank. In addition, he has held numerous positions over several years at GTE and Verizon Communications. Overall, he is well suited for the position that he has recently acquired. His track record in previous companies such as Verizon and Barclays prove that.

His peers at Coriant are excited to welcome him aboard. DiPietro is quoted saying “We are honored…His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational executive have been invaluable…we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.”

Kheradpir is no stranger to such jobs. At Verizon, he was the leader of a team dedicated to drive the modernization of product initiatives. For example, the operation of FiOS fell under his jurisdiction during his tenure at Verizon as the Chief Information Officer. At that company, he was in charge of around $20 billion worth in capital investment. Barclays, his next position, had him operating throughout 50 different countries and with 150 thousand employees.

Kheradpir holds a Ph.D from Cornell University in engineering. He has multiple patents in all the areas he has previously worked in.

Overall, Coriant is excited about their future working with Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO.

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The Passion and Determination of Businessman Mike Baur

The passion and determination that businessman Mike Baur has shown in his contribution towards Swiss startups, banking and finances is quite unparalleled. The Swiss businessman an entrepreneur has a checkered past, having worked in the banking industry for more than 20 years. He has an impressive resume that includes working for Clariden Leu and Sallfort. He however quit and started investing in startup companies and then jointly founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.

From Commercial Apprentice to Business Leader

Mike started his career in banking as a commercial apprentice and rose to the rank of executive board member of one of the largest Swiss private banks. At the age of 39, he quit private banking and begun his entrepreneurial journey and with two partners, they started Swiss Startup Factory. This is one of the top independent and privately financed ventures that Mike uses to support initiatives in Swiss youth entrepreneurships. He provides both financial support ad well as mentorship and is also a co-founder and director at the Swiss Startup Association. Mike studied at the University of Rochester New York where he attained an MBA and is also an Executive MBA from the University of Berne in Switzerland. Mike Baur founded the Swiss Startup Factory venture along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.

Executing Innovative Approaches through Startups

The Swiss Startup Factory is an outstanding and well known private independent financial early stage ICT start-up accelerator that operates from Switzerland. The venture’s objectives is to take startups are revolutionize them causing them to have a global presence while shattering established benchmarks in business practices. They work with entrepreneurs that are designing innovative approaches to products and business models. Mike is engaged in the task of fundraising and financing. Through their three month accelerator program for startups, they coach and mentor young entrepreneurs that specialize in digital technology. They also provide financing to young entrepreneurs, give them office space, and give them access to an abundance of network of investors and entrepreneurs.

Other Programs by the Swiss Startup Factory

With the growth and development of the Swiss Startup Factory many investors and partners joined the venture and many programs have been launched. Diabird is a smart lifestyle application that has been designed for people that are diabetic. Diplomero is a very successful platform for online learning in Switzerland. Another program is known as Hello vegan, an online food shop that has been designed with the purpose of serving vegans. The shop has continued to provide vegans with recipes and new vegan products in Switzerland. Startups such as Blinkers, Beaconsmind, and Carhelper have also been launched by the Swiss Startup factory. There is so much for Mike Baur to look forward to and there is no doubt that the Swiss Startup Factory will be responsible for impressive growth of startup companies.

The Story of Stephen P. Murray

On March 12, 2015, Stephen P. Murray passed away. Known for his generosity and business acumen, Murray had a long and storied career in the private equity industry.

Stephen Murray received his first degree (in economics) from Boston College in 1984, which was then immediately put to use at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he trained as a credit analyst. Following this, he successfully achieved a master’s degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School.

Once his education was complete, Stephen Murray was hired by MH Equity Corporation, a business that was closely tied to his earlier training program. After the better part of two decades and several mergers later, Murray eventually found himself at JP Morgan Partners as the head of buyout business.

However, he wasn’t done moving up in the world quite yet, and subsequently founded a new spin-off from JP Morgan Partners in 2005: CCMP Capital. Merely two years later, CCMP Capital was named as the 17th largest private equity fund in the entire world, a testament to the financial genius of Murray.
However, his impact on the world was not limited to his legacy in finance. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Murray was also a renowned philanthropist that donated large sums to a wide array of different charities and institutions, ranging from food banks to schools and museums.

Although many of the beneficiaries of his generosity may not have known his name or his face, his kindness made thousands of lives measurably better.

In February 2015, Murray left CCMP for health reasons. These same health issues resulted in his passing a mere month later. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

While many mourned his passing, many others were completely unaware that such a bright light had flickered and faded away.

He will be missed as a man, a major player in the world of finance, and a pillar of the community. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

A Deep Look At Coriant

Coriant is a company that is based in Munich, Germany. It is the leading innovative networking solutions supplier with a worldwide presence. It is present in more than 100 countries across the world. Berlin, Germany is its production center and it has R&D centers in United States, Portugal, Asia and Germany. The company deals with optical transport networking, software defined networking (SDN), integrated optical planning, intelligent network management, packet optical transport, edge routing, multi-service provisioning, ethernet first mile solutions and cross connect/TDM. Other products offered by the company include Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud, transport SDN, mobile backhaul, multi-service carriers, carrier’s carrier, data center interconnect, submarine networks, network migration, and integrated packet transport network.

The company offers these services to communication service providers, utility operators, government agencies, defense agencies, finance and banking industries among other agencies. It was founded by Marlin Equity Partners after the merger of Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. The company has more than 1,800 patents and it is the best in mobile backhaul and optical transport solutions. The company provides innovative technologies, new design concepts of networking, applications and many other perspectives on the market trends of their own kind.

Who is Shaygan Kheradpir?
Shaygan Kheradpir is the new CEO and the Chairman of the board of Coriant. He has previously worked as the Operating Executive to Marlin. In this capacity, his primary focus was on technology sectors and strategic telecom. His experience is set to trigger the growth of Coriant and lead to solutions that are ideal to the end-users. He has the potential of making Coriant more competitive in the ever-changing market.

His leadership capabilities are tested and proven. He also has a vast experience in the technological industry. He has been in the industry for more than 28 years. Shaygan has worked in many companies like GTE Corporation and Barclays where he held positions focusing on technology. He has a bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D. from Cornell University in the field of engineering. This is exactly what the company needs to expand its market opportunities in the innovative technologies market which has proven to be highly competitive. Coriant has achieved a lot under the able leadership that Shaygan has provided. It is hoped that the company will rise to greater heights under his tenure. It is no doubt that Coriant will achieve more and conquer greater territory with Shaygan as its head.

Torchin Will Find The Best Person For The Job!

Brian Torchin is the President of HCRC Staffing as his bio shows. This company is based in Philadelphia and takes an approach to health care staffing that incorporates a variety of aspects. These aspects include consultations, direct approaches, ethical methods, expedient services and meticulous detailed means in order to get the most qualified personnel for the job at hand. HCRC Staffing provides career consultation and assists with job searching within the public and private medical sector. With Mr. Torchin’s leadership, HCRC staffing work with medical jobs, dentistry positions, podiatrist openings, chiropractic vacancies, as well as open positions in the physical therapy field, physician assistants and nurse practitioner jobs. With years of experience under his belt, Mr. Torchin has worked in various different states staffing and managing medical offices.

With years of experience and practice, Mr. Torchin is one of the leading professionals in the staffing the medical field. His guidance helps different medical agencies find the perfect candidate for their open positions. HCRC Staffing makes the process of hiring personnel easy for hospitals and other agencies. Any challenges that may arise are handled professionally and resolved without incident. His firm also assists job seekers and their search for the perfect employment position in the medical field. Job seekers can obtain help for preparing themselves for searching open opportunities and provide counseling to them to relieve any concerns or stress. The diligence that Mr. Torchin and his company offer are proof of their drive towards helping medical offices along with the job seekers.

Mr. Torchin and HCRC Staffing focus on the medical industry. This field is ever growing with professionals. He recently undertook the job of staffing chiropractic offices with qualified individuals. HCRC Staffing works nationwide to find the best individuals for the job at hand. Using a welcome environment helps his company retain his client base as a recruiter. From his experience, he has formatted the best practices to find the finest person for any of the open vacancies his clients may have. His staff completes interviews and background checks to help minimize any hassles that his clients and companies need to worry about. His clients can trust that he and his professional staffing agency will work around the clock to place the best person for their openings.  Brian is easily contactable through his Google + account.